Sami Hedberg: Kokovartalomies

Sami Hedberg: Kokovartalomies


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Sami Hedberg: Kokovartalomies torrent reviews

Jimmy H (ru) wrote: Teeners and Tweeners will enjoy this DVD. I say rent, don't buy.

Heather M (nl) wrote: This is so boring and pointless. The story has absolutely no reason for existing and the people this is about are not worth watching at all.

Jeremy K (mx) wrote: Wow. Just deplorable. What a disgrace to the Children of the Corn Franchise.

Samra M (au) wrote: Off-beat, fun, quirky ... and a classic - one of the best flicks of 2010 for sure!! All three leads ...Balan, Shah and Warsi ... steal the show in every scene! Great music... 'Dil to bachcha hai' and 'Ibn e batuta' rock! MUST WATCH !!!

Axel D (mx) wrote: Regrette les grandes comdies du Splendid...

Absar S (es) wrote: Such an awesome movie, recommended.

Stacy C (es) wrote: I have seen this loads of times with my kids. Such an incredible and beautiful story.

Christi H (br) wrote: This is one old movie that I can watch over and over again.

Brian P (es) wrote: The director's cut is the very definition of Cyberpunk. Hard choices, no rainbows, no voice over, no happy endings. Genre-defining and an incredible film, as hard as it was to watch.

J M (br) wrote: I am kinda tired of zombie movies, but this one kinda standsout. The zombie movies of these days are only brains and gore, nothing else. This one changes everything.

Matt B (ca) wrote: Slow-moving yet sweet, I'll See You in My Dreams works because of Blythe Danner's marvelous, lovable performance.

Christopher O (jp) wrote: Based on a true story of a California Catholic High school football team with a 150 game winning streak, this inspirational drama has good moments but pales in comparison to Friday Night Lights or Remember the Titans. Jim Cavizel is very good as the head coach but the film breaks no new ground and seems like a rehash. The football sequences are extremely well shot and the acting is passable. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon but not much more! 01-01-2016