Sami swoi

Sami swoi

Two quarreling peasant families, who were forced to leave their lands after the war, are settled by accident on two neighbouring farms.

Two quarreling peasant families, expatriates from the Eastern part of Poland, after war homelessness are settled by accident on two neighbouring farms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adriano B (us) wrote: Adorable retro comedy that, being french, is sufficiently sexualized to tiptap on the head of hollywoodian light romance counterparts of today. Smart and sexy.

Jennifer E (us) wrote: What a let down! I expected more from the son of George A. Romero, a horror master! (Master, in zombie genre, of course...his other films are horrible).

oliver m (fr) wrote: ...decent movie. pretty nice cast but too bad steve zahn is that terrible!

Arundhati S (nl) wrote: kickass! bollywood masala!! i love it! i am smiling to myself.. but ya.. i love typical bollywood masala and this is soooo typical! the fights are so cool! hihihhihi!:):) lololololzzzz

Adam R (kr) wrote: There are some funny moments, but this movie also kind of disturbs me. (First and only full viewing - Late teen years)

Kenny N (jp) wrote: I laughed once. I can't remember at what. And it wasn't a continuous peal of laughter, just one single solitary "Ha!" and I was back to the stony silence I remained in for the rest of the film's duration. I'll give it half a star for that. If it had 0 laughs, it would get no stars from me. Unless you want to sit throughout the most joyless and agonizing "comedies" ever made for fun or profit, you're better off not watching this movie.

ray s (au) wrote: Quirky But Good For A Watch

Roche F (kr) wrote: This is the ultimate British Stiff Upper Lip film where a whole ordered world of the military comes tumbling down. Guinness plays a terrifying ranker officer who has to deal with being overlooked for CO of the regiment. What follows is dark, very dark, and there is no relief in the ending. A magnificent film, in all respects...

Eduardo C (br) wrote: It is the Philippines. It is 1945. The once proud Fascist imperial armies of Japan have been decimated. All that remains are straggling, starving soldiers marchin' on, mostly devoid of even superior officers. Meanwhile, the Americans are in full force and can ambush them at will. Guerrillas and even civilians can also kill them at will. Because of the Bushido code, most are still not seriously contemplating surrender. But many dream of it regardless. The protagonist here gradually realizes to his horror that many of his fellow soldiers have resorted to cannibalism to survive. He vows to be different but is sorely tempted to do likewise. They march on through the wilderness of the Philippines to avoid detection as long as possible. Eventually he finds a soldier who is attempting to become a Buddha, refusing to leave a tree he is resting against, and when the main character gets up to leave, the other soldier raises his arm and says, "it won't be much longer, why don't you stay and eat me." He proceeds on and eventually teams up out of loneliness and desperation with another soldier who seems more energetic than the rest who offers him "monkey meat". He is suspicious because he's seen no monkeys and eventually realizes he's been consuming human flesh all along. There is a scene in which he waits for an ideal time to surrender. He even has a white flag, but he sees another soldier surrender first who gets machine-gunned by a female civilian, which is perfectly understandable considering the vast extent of the war crime atrocities committed against the people of the Philippines. Yes, this film is horrific, nearly veering into horror film realm, and unfortunately a true story. It gets a 100% critics approval rating.

Johnny F (ag) wrote: One of my favorite scores and one that sticks in your head in a good way. Lancaster is the master

Tina T (us) wrote: I was hooked the entire movie!

sheila s (nl) wrote: MR. COOL it is a very good movie