Sampoganeun kil

Sampoganeun kil


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Nick F (gb) wrote: Critics were full of distain and the fans who saw it at festivals were reportedly less than satisfied, so would it surprise you to learn that: I DO NOT AGREE. Dario Argento has become a prisoner of his own, earlier style and virtuosity; "fans" get up in arms when he tries something new or different, and the critics, well, they've never understood him. Argento has never followed the rules of narrative. He will employ the conventions of horror/slasher/suspense pics, but never in any sort of orderly way; he toys with us and our expectations with a film style that rarely follows an ordinary cause and effect dramatic progression. His films have never been entirely character driven. Argento is interested in themes, and he expresses them visually, usually without explanation. Watch any Argento, note the set piece sequences, then contemplate THEIR logic, how they fit together, and you're on the road to getting it. Argento seems more closely related to Antonioni than John Carpenter; a landscape holds the story, not the character relationships. At first, GIALLO appears to be a straight on There's A Maniac On The Loose pic, but once he introduces his maniac, Argento imperceptibly shifts gears. We know who the maniac is and we spend a great deal of time with him. We view the detective who must solve the mystery in direct contrast to the maniac. That's actually what the movie is about. And when you check the cast list at the end, you realize Argento's thematic concern does not arbitrarily emerge, but is woven within the very production of the film. I contend, as I always have, that there's more to Dario Argento than meets the eye. If you follow what I'm talking about, watch GIALLO. If you're wishing for a BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE retread, this will piss you off. If you're like me and think that Argento is a genuine auteur - one of the few today to rightfully refer to their work as "A Film By ...." then you will watch with an inquisitive, open mind and discover something new and interesting in this crafty, subversive pic.

Jonah V (au) wrote: Shittiest movie of my life.

Pavitra R (de) wrote: I was pretty disappointed with this. I was expecting a much better film. The plot was reasonably interesting but I didn't see the need for KH to play all those roles. I think after Indian, he probably got hooked on the whole makeup thing. Maybe he should team up with Eddie Murphy. I shudder to think of the end product! The highlights of the film were the name of the production house 'Aaskaar films' (haha!) and some of the lame dialogue. I can see why it's a hit though - good movies are generally never hits in India. But seriously I don't see the big deal about this make up thing.. it looked awful - like botox overdose on an elephant's skin. Why Kamal why? And in all my years in Asia, I have never seen a Japanese man (or Chinese for that matter) look like that! Oh Kamal.. sigh.. I expected so much better.

bill s (es) wrote: It has some moments but the best jokes are housed in the original.

Attila S (gb) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Ola G (us) wrote: Diego Montes (Nacho Martnez) is a bullfighter, forced into early retirement by a goring, and he finds sexual gratification viewing videos of violent deaths. In retirement he teaches bullfighting, and among his students is ngel (Antonio Banderas), a diffident young man who suffers from vertigo. After class one day, Diego asks ngel if he is homosexual, noting that he is not experienced with women. ngel says he is not and vows to prove himself. Later that day, ngel attempts to rape Eva (Eva Cobo), a model who is both his neighbour and Diego's girlfriend. As she is leaving him, she trips in the mud and gashes her cheek. At the sight of her blood, ngel faints.The next day, ngel's mother insists that he go to church as a condition of living in her home. After mass, she insists that he go to confession, but instead of confessing to the priest, he goes to the police station to confess to the rape. When Eva is brought to the station, she says he ejaculated before penetrating her and declines to press charges. Alone with the police detective (Eusebio Poncela), ngel notices photos of dead men with the same wound. He confesses to having killed them. The detective then asks about two missing women, who were also students of Diego, and ngel confesses to killing them as well. Although ngel is able to lead the police to the bodies of the missing women, buried outside Diego's home, the police detective is not convinced. He questions how ngel could have buried them there without Diego's knowledge, then discovers that ngel has an alibi for the murder of one of the men. Finally, he discovers that ngel faints at the sight of blood. Meanwhile, ngel's lawyer, Mara Cardenal (Assumpta Serna), the killer of the men, begins to suspect that Diego killed the two women students. She takes Diego to a remote house where she has been collecting memorabilia related to Diego since she first saw him kill a bull. They return to Diego's home, where Eva, who wants to convince Diego not to break up with her, overhears enough to realize that they are the killers...Pedro Almodovars "Matador" is a dark tale of sadism, masochism, bullfighting, perverted sexualities and sexual violence and outsiders on the edge of society with a twist of dark humour. Made during the La Movida Madrilea (a countercultural movement that took place mainly in Madrid during the Spanish transition after Francisco Franco's death in 1975. It represented the resurrection of the economy in Spain and the emergence of a new Spanish identity.) I reckon Almodovar saw his chance to go all in with with this depraved story at that point and do whatever to "shock" people in the cinema. Its a dynamic film with a slightly crazy plotline draped in strong colours as we often have seen Almodovars films. It is a bit theatrical in the acting and performances, but that also fits the film. We do get great performances from specifically the stunning Assumpta Serna and Nacho Martinez while Banderas is not 100% convincing in my eyes. Not Almodovars best, but well worth a watch for the unique story and the performances.

Ronilson A (es) wrote: # Os Lobos Nunca Choram

Jon H (ca) wrote: A bizarre western where the gunslingers carry guitars and stage concerts rather than holdups. The music's great, however, and a few choice cameos make this entertaining for the crowd that enjoyed the days of the Fillmore east and west. Also, you get to see Don Johnson (pre Nash Bridges), Joe Walsh (pre Eagles), and Michael Kamen (pre Lethal Weapon and S&M).

Logan M (ca) wrote: Woody Allen picks up on his European obsession with "Magic in the Moonlight," a pleasant film that has its quirks, but suffers from a condescending and trivial third act.