Samurai Commando Mission 1549

Samurai Commando Mission 1549

An accident during tests of an anti-plasma artificial magnetic shield at Japan's Ground Self Defense Force East Fuji practice range sends the 3rd Special Experimental Company, under Colonel Matoba on a time-slip 460 years into the past, into 'the Age of civil War'. At the same time an imaginary-number anomaly thought to be caused by interference from the past begins eroding the present.

An accident during tests of an anti-plasma artificial magnetic shield at Japan's Ground Self Defense Force East Fuji practice range sends the 3rd Special Experimental Company, under Colonel... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (nl) wrote: A heart felt little indie with alot of great acting and a good story to boot. It's not perfect, but it tugged at my heart strings in all the right places. This is a film that hasn't gotten any hype, but I recommend it.

Rike F (it) wrote: Now that I've seen the first two, I need to know what happens next.

Julien A (br) wrote: Vraiment pas terrible du tout: mal realise, pas drole... Et quelqu'un peut il me dire s'il y a une actrice plus insupportable qu'Anne Marivin aujourd'hui a l'ecran ?Le duo Biyouna / Fellag est la bonne surprise du film et fait un joli couple de cinema.

Cecilia L (au) wrote: great great cinematography!

Heath H (ag) wrote: Watch this, and don't let anyone tell you how great a president Nixon actually was. It is also a good reminder of how stupid the voting public can be.

Adam R (ru) wrote: It started off fun, but that didn't last. When Roddy gets flushed down the toilet the movie goes with it. (First and only viewing - 10/14/2014)

Kristopher H (us) wrote: Not since Texas Chainsaw (the new one) have I laughed this hard during a "horror" movie, and not since Army of Darkness have I seen one that was meant to be funny. I'll admit, some of the FX seem low budget, but so what? I feel it added to the overall experience. I just loved this movie, but I like anything that uses more blood than necessary. It was free on tv I watched it, and I liked it, probably one of my favorite Zombie movies. I like a movie that can make fun of its own genre in a decent way, and not like the scary movie series. Overall this is a popcorn flick for anyone who likes aliens, zombies and Aussie accents.

Larry S (it) wrote: I've never quite understood how one can be expected to enjoy watching two hours of miserable people being miserable and making each other miserable (i.e., every film Woody Allen makes), but once in a while, I find myself doing exactly that. "Surviving Picasso" definitely falls into that category. I can't seem to explain, even to myself, why I would recommend this film, but I do. James Ivory's direction is on par with his best work, and there were wonderful performances by the entire cast. Perhaps these were the film's only saving graces, but that would be too simple. Despite watching these morally-underdeveloped people flouting even the most basic rules of human relationships and wounding each other so gravely, I remained interested in their plight. I'm not sure how glowing a review this is, but in the end, I was absorbed in a story the filmmakers wanted to tell, and surely that was their goal. Thus, I must say this movie was "good," in that sense, but I could sure stand to watch a Bugs Bunny cartoon or two after it was over...

Kenny N (ag) wrote: No stars. Roger Ebert was right in "hating hating hating hating" this movie. It's as moronic and devoid of wit as any family movie can get. And it's a star-studded affair too! Everybody shows up to embarrass themselves and/or a specific ethnic group. Sounds like quite a party. However, this is one party you, the viewer, will be glad you weren't invited.

Caitlin L (gb) wrote: It had its moments. Overall was not good. Very disappointing.

Chris J (kr) wrote: Saw MST3K's take on this movie.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 94%Watched this on 3/6/15Akira Kurosawa's impeccable morality check murder mystery has an innovative feel and has the feel of another similar film 12 Angry Men which also explores the human condition. The film has superb acting, stylized film making, a different approach to the handling of it's premise and innumerous plot twists and is more engaging compared to most other films of the 20th century.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Abby R (gb) wrote: This movie was pretty good-ish but it made no sense. I had no idea it was 1966 until I read the wiki on the movie. Throughout almost the whole film I had no idea if Saya was good or evil. Also, at least in the version I watched, the language would randomly switch from English to Japanese? And when it was in Japanese, sometimes there would be subs and sometimes there wouldn't be? Basically the movie wasn't BAD., it just made no sense. Maybe I'll have to watch it again and I'll understand it more.

Rachel F (ru) wrote: Quite the crew but even with all the talent they just could not hit their marks.

lucy w (kr) wrote: Gorgeously filmed, acted and written. this adaptation of Rattigan's play is a beautiful film, dripping passion and melancholy in every scene. Rachel Weisz gives one of her best performances, relying so much on her eyes and her moods. A poetic, unforgettable and stunning drama.