Samurai Vendetta

Samurai Vendetta

Two amiable samurai wind up on opposite sides of the vendetta between Lord Asano's retainers and the family of Lord Kira that led to the famous revenge of the 47 Ronin.

Tange Tenzen and Nakayama Yasubei are honorable samurai living in an era of corrupt officials and treacherous clans. But after finding themselves in opposing clans and ensnared in a love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean O (ag) wrote: Marvellous and harrowing.

Chetan M (au) wrote: Great movies... Far better from all those silly indian movies i see in my every day life... I really Wish the ending would have been a little longer with Ila and Fernandes atleast looking at each other... if not meeting.

Walter M (br) wrote: Some teenagers imagine losing their virginity as a romantic rite of passage. And then there is Maggie(Olivia Harris) who just wants to get it over with her boyfriend Ryan(Cody Linley) in the family garage. Even that does not go as planned, as her mother(Molly Parker) soon arrives home, followed by her father(John Hawkes), a lawyer. And eventually the neighbors(Lydia Mackay & Jonathan Brooks). For the record, we have been here before plenty of times. Specifically, 1975 when parents were behaving badly and children were left to pick up the pieces.(Actually, Molly Parker was also already, in the late lamented television series "Swingtown" which covered a lot of the same ground.) And then there is the fact that the filmmakers seem to be using the film solely to work out some long festering parental issues here.(To be honest, if I had four kids, I would drink heavily, snort cocaine, inject heroin...oh you get the drill. Just be thankful I'm never having kids.) But beneath all of those tired cliches, "The Playroom" gets right how in larger families older kids take care of the younger ones. Plus, the movie is artfully constructed with a neat use of camera and voiceovers to give a dreamy effect to the proceedings. And each in their own way Molly Parker and John Hawkes are both excellent but you knew that already.

Bre L (ag) wrote: this movie used to scare the hell out of me, but now i can't find it.

Aishwarya S (it) wrote: this s my fav.........i jus love it

Jon K (mx) wrote: I think people don't seem to understand that this is not a horror/gore film like Tim Sullivan's other movie that they reference. Anyway, as a mystery/suspense flick, I really enjoyed this. I like how they used death as the connection for David to embody the "ghost" (if you will) of the camp. Shout out to Raviv.

Anna B (ag) wrote: Really illustrates correctly what it is like living in these times, in these places. Big hit with my age group, everyone loves this film including me!

Hunter B (br) wrote: This is the Potter instalment when the series really takes off. It gets darker and more intense yet remains to be an excellent film.

Gregory M (fr) wrote: Don't Bother Watching, A Waste Of Time.

Chris C (nl) wrote: Money Talks delivers plenty of laughs generated by Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen who give solid performances in this pre-Rush Hour action comedy by Brett Ratner.

April W (nl) wrote: Excellent movie. Depp is great as always, and you can't pass up a chance to see him with Walken.

Stefano L (es) wrote: Triste storia sulla xenofobia di una parte del popolo occidentale, carica di elementi del classico melodramma, e gestita in modo lineare, ma non sprovvista del leggittimo pathos che permette al film di essere considerato tra le opere pi memorabili di Fassbinder. La sceneggiatura dei due protagonisti molto semplice, quasi ridotta all'osso, ma sufficiente a portare avanti la componente narrativa senza riduzioni d'intensit espressiva. Molto belle le musiche, soprattutto nella toccante e costernante fine.

Chael N (gb) wrote: Bizarre Love Triangle Will Tear Us Apart

Jeff B (de) wrote: I really liked this film. Directo by Vittorio De Sica and the first foreign film Oscar winner, it's about two best friends that are tricked into participating in a smuggling operation and are caught and sent to jail. Some great moments, it's a short film and flows swiftly. The ending is great and powerful.