Samurai Wolf II

Samurai Wolf II

Kiba Okaminosuke finds himself entangled with a group of prisoners being transported to their executions, one of whom oddly looks exactly like his dead father. There are crooked gold miners, a beautiful girl who is unfortunately a complete lunatic and a dojo master who is obsessed with killing Kiba just to prove that his school's sword style is the best.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jidai geki,   ronin,  

Kiba Okaminosuke finds himself entangled with a group of prisoners being transported to their executions, one of whom oddly looks exactly like his dead father. There are crooked gold miners, a beautiful girl who is unfortunately a complete lunatic and a dojo master who is obsessed with killing Kiba just to prove that his school's sword style is the best. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George I (kr) wrote: Somebody wants to be the next Robert Rodriguez. It's no El Mariachi. Too much time is wasted on the male lead (Hollywood would approve) and not enough on the Machine Gun Woman. Amusing enough, though.

Caroline S (nl) wrote: Sympa et plein d'humour, mais un peu clich sur le fond

Jaseli M (it) wrote: this movie is so funny

Jason C (es) wrote: Not bad but not as good as the original.

Marta R (nl) wrote: Nice film... fun to watch, funny and sad.....

Elias B (au) wrote: Great Exploitation movie. Dialogue is brilliant, two lead characters are well casted and the action scenes bring suspense. The story was pretty well written, with a gang of girls and their relationship that is rare to see on film. A must see Jack Hill movie.

Jasrick J (ag) wrote: I have never watched a film in my life that has been as relatable as Tamasha was. At times I felt like I was looking in the mirror while watching the film. Imtiaz Ali was already one of my favourite Indian directors, and with Tamasha he proves his worth again. Tamasha is a brilliant film, and is one of the best films I have seen this year whether it be Indian or Western. The film mirrors society today, and talks about how a man is forced to be a robot, and confine to society norms. One with time might lose them self, and can even go crazy confining to such norms, when they cant be themselves . Thats the gist of the crux of Tamasha, but the film is far more brilliant and complex. Ranbir Kapoor is back, and this is easily one of his most finest, and most complex acts. And thats saying alot for India's finest actor. This film has left me totally emotionally numb because, it touched upon a very raw nerve of mine, and I think youth around the world will also relate to the film the same way. In simple words Tamasha is a winner, critical, and commercial acclaim will come aplenty. This could be Imtiaz's best, but nevertheless get ready for the filmfare awards team Tamasha.Story wise a man and women fall in love after spending one week on the French island of Corsica. During this week they don't reveal anything about each other, and play a drama of sorts, and part ways after that week ends swearing never to meet again. Tara however even after 4 years still can't forget Ved, but on discovery she realizes that Ved is not the Don she meet in Corsica, he is now a somebody else that is not him. What happens next forms the rest of the plot.Acting wise Ranbir Kapoor is bloody brilliant, I don't have enough adjectives to describe his act, its awe inspiring performance . Don't be surprised if he wins another filmfare. This kid is just too good, watch out for his scenes were he displays a spilt personality. Deepika Padukone is India's best actress and she proves it with her relentless act. Her scene when she is following Ranbir when she realizes something is wrong with him,will move you to tears. A special mention to Piyush Mishra, who is ever so dependable as the Baba who tells stories.Tamasha is a film everyone thought they knew after watching the trailer, well you will be proved wrong. This film is not your regular cliched romcom. The film deals with complex issues such as mental illness, because of keeping things inside for too long. The film deals with issue of how we are forced to follow unwritten rules set by society. How one has to crush ones real self, and desires to take part in a race of who is better, who has more money etc.Tamasha's message however is clear and sound, live your life as you please, just be happy. When we come to the technical aspect of the film, well Tamasha is shot brilliantly, the film travels for India, to Corsica, to Japan, and these countries look stunning. The story and screenplay are novel, and not the regular cliched romcom type.The music is brilliant, and you except nothing less from AR Rahman. My favourites are Agar Tum Saath Ho, and Toi Koi Aur Hain. Tamasha's first half for the most part is very light, and funny, its helluva entertaining. The 2nd half is were the film surprises, the film takes a serious tone, and this is were Ranbir shows his acting prowesses in his spilt personality scenes. The pre climax scene when he is telling his dad, and family a story had me in tears, its films highlight in my opinon. It must be noted the films unique style of storytelling which was kind of non-linear was well done and novel. The whole breaking the film into chapters is very unique. And the way music is integrated into the film is genius, gets the emotions out well. Kudos Mr. Ali again. The only minor blemishes the film had was when we find out Ranbir has a mental health issue problem, it suddenly just goes away without any medical attention which was weird. Also Ranbir is doing alot of Coming Of The Age films so the audience might think he is getting typecast, even though Wake Up Sid, YJHD, and Tamasha are completely different films. Overall I was bowled over Tamasha,there were alot of things I saw in this film which I was not excepting, but with a genius director like Imtiaz Ali at hand anything is possible. People excepting a complete happy film, get ready to stomach something a little more pathbreaking, and novel. I can go on and on about Tamasha's brilliances, but just head to your nearest theatre because cinema like this needs to be appreciated in India, enough of masala films. Ranbir, Imtiaz and Deepika your Tamasha worked amazingly!5/5* or 10/10PS. Is was nice seeing a hindi film In Surrey BC, Canada two days before its theatrical release in India, its a first ever I believe.

Jacob M (es) wrote: In Disney's second Mexican-themed cartoon, Donald Duck is celebrating his birthday. He receives three presents about Latin American culture. The first is a film projector which features stories about Mexican birds. Jose Carioca presents the second present, and transport Donald to Brazil for a crazy party. Finally, the Mexican rooster Panchito shows up at the end, and presents the third and final present, where the three caballeros go to Mexico in a magic carpet where Donald goes girl crazy.The Three Caballeros is a really interesting film in the Disney library. On one side, there were some fun humor from the three characters, particularly Donald, who is always funny. The Mexican bird stories are interesting and fun.On the other hand, the last third of the movie is really weird and gets dull real quick. Donald's crazy lust for women is boring and the animation is bizarre, but not in a good way.In the end, while Saludos Amigos features more interesting things, The Three Caballeros is mostly fun and is an overlooked part of the Disney library.

Jei P (ca) wrote: looks like the young equalizer on the wrong side of the law

Aubrey T (mx) wrote: great movie ive ever seen realy funny too.