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Jerome P (mx) wrote: Terrible. I almost shut it off three times. Almost completely devoid of insight. A few flashy faces. Opinions from smart video game people who speak about things they aren't smart about. Personalizing problems that don't exist, or are long dead, in the gaming world. Shallow telling of the history. Including statements that aren't grounded in truth. Not a good doc.

Jess L (gb) wrote: Great if you're mature or mature minded woman. Nothing harmful to be found here just innocent fun chick flick.

Damjan R (br) wrote: Tedious, paced like a snail and worst of all, stuck in between gears, 'Pride and Glory' wastes the talent on hand with its story retread. Bits & pieces are somewhat watchable (very small bits mind you) but the story on the whole is to unfocused to matter. The familial connection between officers and the actual families are hammered in the audiences face through the usual scenes, but fail to latch on. Not recommended, due to its formidable forgettableness but in the visual and the narrative.

Lyle R (it) wrote: On it's own, one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen. As an episode of MST3K, one of their best shows ever, especially the chick who keeps mispronouncing "werewolf". Hilarious.

Colin B (au) wrote: Amazing. Smart. Funny.

Duncan K (nl) wrote: I recognize that this is a bad movie and that Pauly Shore is obnoxious, but for some reason the movie made me laugh.

Sarah P (ca) wrote: Brutal, intense and outstanding performances by DiCaprio and De Niro. This Boy's Life brings the horrible trauma back to life that Tobias Wolff faced.

Luca N (fr) wrote: In true this is a comic movie,but the director's diden't know it.....