• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sanansaattaja torrent reviews

joni d (ag) wrote: Paddy needs to direct more features, Coleman & mullan both play complicated but outstanding characters. Gut wrenching, hopeful and desperately involving.

Al M (gb) wrote: A beautifully filmed, stylishly directed fantasy-horror film that follows a reporter who captures a picture of a man's face in absolute horror immediately before he kills himself. The reporter becomes obsessed with the image on the man's face and what is causing him such horror. He begins to explore the subways and stumbles upon the man's ghost who tells him that the hollow earth theory is true and that a series of interconnected tunnels underneath cities lead into interior realms of the earth. There he finds a woman chained in a cave who he takes back to surface with him. What proceeds for the remainder of the film is a fever dream of reality and fantasy with one blending into the other without any clear distinctions. Marebito is powerful example of fantastic cinema that explores the line between supernatural occurrences and psychotic states of mind. Haunting, creepy, and provocative, Marebito is a great work of Japanese horror cinema.

Amanda H (au) wrote: No protagonist. No antagonist. No plot. Zero entertainment value. I couldn't even manage to sit through the first half of this movie.

Malique M (jp) wrote: Best Disney animated feature film that brought you: Wallace & Gromit!

Fong K (jp) wrote: Woody Allen's homage to Ray is as neurotically funny as the subject itself and the director himself. One of his best works.

Grant L (ru) wrote: One of the better western revisionist movies of the 90's. I really enjoyed the comedic banter between Gibson, Foster, and Garner. Lots of twists and turns too to keep you guessing.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: Toys that kill you, Yeah that's kind of scary. A little demonic child, Yeah that's scarier, but eveerything else in the movie is kind of silly. SO silly that it becomes interesting again.

Matthew S (jp) wrote: Freejack takes place in 2009... a dystopian 2009 where the middle class has disappeared, horse-drawn carts share the road with sleek future vehicles (and all tires are squeaky clean), and bodies can be taken from the past to allow the rich to live forever. The great thing about having very low expectations about a movie is that it can actually turn out pretty good. While Freejack isn't great by any means, it is definitely entertaining and has a cool factor.

Josh S (br) wrote: Pretty funny the whole way through.

Josephine B (ca) wrote: One of the best movies, I've seen.

Private U (ag) wrote: How can four strike palm not be inspiring? I have arthritis in my fingers thanks to this peice of celluloid genius! Pops is tops and Hsaio Hou will always be the mad monkey forever. Help, am drowning in warm sweet nostalgia!

leelee (au) wrote: want this one on dvd

leigh h (ag) wrote: i remember loving this as a kid, not so much now im

Thomas P (ru) wrote: Great social comedy with Godfrey Cambridge in an unforgettable role as a bigoted white guy who wakes up black one day. Melvin Van Peebles does a great job of making a film part comedy and part social commentary. Very tame compared to Sweetback, his masterpiece, but a breakthrough film of the 70's.

Andrew R (us) wrote: Really...what do you expect from a movie called Attack of the Giant Leeches?Not a good film, by any stretch of the imagination, but a subpar creature feature movie, with a ridiculous plot, mediocre acting, and more goofy than scary looking monsters...and some warnings about atomic energy thrown in for good measure. At the time of posting this, I have not seen the MST3K version, but I imagine that it would be the best way to watch this flick.

Miguel R (us) wrote: The Lovely setting, and Good performances by the Great William Holden, and Lovely Jennifer Jones makes this film enjoyable for what it is, which is a standard romance film based on a Memoir, and popularized by a song. They must play the title song in some form, 20 times during the film!, so I hope you like the tune. Don't look for much of a plot, in this romance tale of a "Euroasian" Doctor played by Jones, and the Correspondant, played by the always Handsome Holden. This film hasn't aged well, especially the part of the lead Caucasian Actress playing an Asian. Enjoy the lovely scenes and appreciate the chemistsy between the likable stars!

Jack W (mx) wrote: interesting story that revolves around the lives of two families and interplays their lives with historic events. some of the musical numbers are good but overall this is a rather dull film.

Shannon R (kr) wrote: Its surprising how well the comedy holds up. Its a stupid and silly movie but it embraces that and you should too.

Shawn M (au) wrote: This movie kills ever wanting to get married for me. Hate this movie.