Hammer used old x-ray footage, rearranged, colored and orchestrated through optical printing, in order to reveal hidden bodily movements and rhythms in its constant juxtaposition.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:20 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Sanctus torrent reviews

Leo K (gb) wrote: Poor storyline, with average cast performance. Yet, it is still enjoyable as a fun movie during the Lunar New Year. Otherwise, nothing worth mentioning.

Sanjay T (es) wrote: Funny action with some meaning

Bruce R (es) wrote: Fairly conventional low-budget WWII movie about a small unit on a special operation in Norway. If you're looking for big budget special effects or painstaking accuracy in small details Age of Heroes isn't a movie you'll enjoy. On the other hand, the plot is believable (loosely based on a mission by 30 Commando), there's plenty of action, the acting is decent, and it doesn't drag in places as often happens with war movies. Oh, and Izabella Miko is a knockout as a Norwegian resistance fighter.

Gavin S (gb) wrote: Compared to a serbian film, this movie was civil.

Ben D (ca) wrote: Like a bucolic, Romanian, more boring version of Andrea Arnold's 'Red Road'.

Calvin A (nl) wrote: his movie is a pretentious waste with nothing to say, terrible casting, and beyond terrible plot as well a dialogue that plain sucks it amazes that this film has fans because this was so hard to sit through and i felt like the movie was calling me stupid for not getting "how deep and complex this movie is" but belive me it isn't you it's the movie IT MAKES NO SENSE!

Yoon N (gb) wrote: i don't really care for movies that claim historical accuracy or factuality. still, great acting, directing, and writing. i guess i should give more than three stars for those reasons....but i am not a big fan of films based on true story...unless they are exceptionally ironic and contain some kind of narrative lust--but let's face it, truth wouldn't care for narrative lust unless it's fictional, would it?

Ken T (ca) wrote: This was the film that introduced me to Pablo Trapero at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival. It is a vibrant, very real slice of life following three generations of a family going to a wedding in rural Argentina. They travel in a small camper van and as a result several tensions and issues begin to flare up. Wonderfully told, this is terrific storytelling.

Sr R (kr) wrote: Really fresh movie, which mix drama and comedy, and allways amaze.

Demonic N (fr) wrote: This looks really crap.

Jake A (es) wrote: A solid British thriller that has fantastic performances from a solid cast, an interesting and wonderful plot, has a really good score and the finale is taut and tense.

Simon S (nl) wrote: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three is unevenly paced, but an intriguing plot and Robert Shaw's menacing performance help it provide a fair amount of undemanding entertainment.

doris c (au) wrote: brill...two great icons..of the past...

Aaron V (de) wrote: Before Adam Sandler trashed his career today. He actually made some pretty funny movies. This is one of them. Happy Gilmore is a diehard hilarious comedy. Good enough for a rental and maybe a purchase

Bob L (ca) wrote: Some interesting connections from space to our deepest oceans. Would have been better to see some more of the far out species of life down there though.