Sand Clock

Sand Clock

A young girl named Ann moves with her mother to her mother's hometown after her parents go through a divorce. There, Ann meets her first love Daigo Kitamura. Daigo helps her get used to life in the country. Ann even gets through her mother's suicide.

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Alexander P (jp) wrote: It was not too bad in my opinion but it did show off most of its best moments in the trailer. There was one bit that had me just laughing like crazy though.

Bruce B (kr) wrote: Your typical raunchy teenage male comedy trying to copy what American Pie did. Unfortunately, like almost every other one, it too was terrible. The plot was pointless, the acting was a joke, and the characters were pathetically unrealistic.

Ross C (br) wrote: I opened a rotten tomatoes account so I could do my first review and give this film 5 stars! Its awesome!

Marie S (br) wrote: I am glad finally someone made a movie about ufo's.

Bethany H (de) wrote: I haven't seen any of Cameron's other films of this ilk, so I don't know how this one compares. As a stand-alone, however, it held its own. Beautiful images. Fascinating information. A keeper for the adults and the kids in our family.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Soooo very bad. No need to schedule an appointment for that lobotomy you've been dying for, because here's one provided.

James O (gb) wrote: If you want to take a movie seriously, go watch Firefly. Otherwise, the stupidfunny here is awesome.

Derek J (es) wrote: one of derived schumacher's most poignant films with a brilliant assemblage of talent. very high concept asking the question on everyone's minds and explores it dutifully. great film! (=

PY C (ca) wrote: A feel good movie, it got me swaying and dancing to the music!

Dougal S (mx) wrote: Is this film weird? Oh yes...Set in New Orleans a woman has a rented room in a blind man's house where she meets her young lover for a passionate affair. When she leaves here children alone one day to see said lover her young daughter responds by drowning her brother in the bath. Rushing home in a panic the woman and lover are in a car crash in which he gets decapitated. Flash forward a year and the mother has been released from the asylum she's spent the last twelve months in and returns to her rented room - and then it starts getting really weird.The first film from Lamberto Bava this slow boil giallo never manages to reach the heights of his more illustrious father's films but does manage to pull off a distinctly seedy feel to proceedings. The blind house owner is the only positive character, a wandering innocent, whilst the rest of the cast play out their bizarre psychosis around him.The body counts isn't particularly high for a giallo and the gore quotient isn't massive aside from the grand climax and much of it has the feel of a TV movie - if the TV companies had ever commissioned sleezy psycho-sexual pictures. It does stick in the memory though (mainly due to it's central plot premise) and is one for fans of the genre or those wanting to relive the halcyon days of the early video boom where this sort of fare was peddled out by every corner newspaper shop wanting to turn a quick buck.

Joel A (nl) wrote: An early Mae West film that demonstrates why she was considered one of Hollywood's earliest bad girl.The film isn't complicated the story of Lady Lou who runs a saloon & keeps the boys & toys handy. She has a very sexual presence on screen long before that was commonplace.The only guy that ultimately takes her on a ride is Cary Grant (this was one of his early films) and he was chosen by Mae West to be in the role.

Knox M (ru) wrote: Worthwhile just for the chemistry between Roy Kinnear and Bernard Fox.

ScubaSteve Walter M (kr) wrote: A fresh war movie that tells bravery before the war.