Sand Sharks

Sand Sharks

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the beach, it appears that our large fishy friends have found a way to chomp on you when you're chilling out on the sand too!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   ocean,   fire,  

A shark who swims in sand terrorizes a tropical paradise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gime I (ca) wrote: Liked it, and love how Joey Pollari changed for the "hormonal storm" kinda thing during the movie xD

Diego G (de) wrote: The pacing is slow sometimes and makes you feel like the movie is very long. Also the flashbacks confuse a bit.

Lisa E (kr) wrote: Family holiday drama at its best. Very funny at times, great acting.

Gregory W (br) wrote: highly sytlizied period piece great cast and little slo pacing wise.

Jesse O (br) wrote: Nicolas Cage is a genius. I think I bring this up in almost every review of his films that I do, but I used to hate this guy as an actor. But the more I saw of him, the more I realized that this guy simply did not give a fuck anymore and his Cage-isms, dating back all the way to the 80s, were simply a way to entertain himself. Never has an actor gained such a cult following by being so purposely bad. And that's why, for a period of about 6 years now, I've loved to watch every Nicolas Cage movie, especially if they're in the low-budget, direct-to-video realm I can find. Granted, this is more of a high-budget affair than I'm used to when it comes to Cage, but I still definitely wanted to see it. But, sadly, in a way, this is a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting the film itself to be any good, and it wasn't, particularly with the ending feeling like an incredibly cheap way out. What I am talking about is the fact that Nicolas Cage is more boring than he is batshit crazy in this film. There are still certain Cage-isms, but if you're looking for something to remind you of why you first fell in love with him in The Vampire's Kiss then you would be barking up the wrong tree. I mean, honestly, the movie does provide some B-movie entertainment. It's goofy, it doesn't make any sense when scrutinized, all its villains are foreign (USA! USA! USA!) and all that good stuff. This movie can definitely be enjoyed, but you need to turn your brain off and realize that you're in for something that's just there to, theoretically, entertain you and I can't even say they did that right. Here's the thing, the film is aware that it doesn't make any sense and it doesn't really make any sort of an effort to try and make any of this fit within its own context. But, honestly, outside of a few B-movie thrills here and there, I don't think this film is even that entertaining in its badness. The exposition itself is just way too damn long, the film is almost an hour gone by the time that the FBI catches up to Cris. The first hour of the film sees Cris falling in love with this woman who lets him see farther into the future than he is able to regularly, he's only able to see 2 minutes into the future, and it is just not very good. The chemistry between Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel just isn't there. I just didn't buy that they were in love, particularly after such a ridiculously short period of time together. Remember how I said that Biel's character let's Cage's character see into the future farther than he normally could. Well, that plays into how the film ends in the worst fucking way possible. I guess it works, partly, within the context of Cris' powers, but it also completely negates about, say, 65% of the film. And, if you hadn't noticed or aren't able to do math properly, 65% is more than half of the film. It's like why in the fuck did I waste my time watching the film if that's how it was gonna end. I'm pretty sure you can see how this is gonna end, it's not like I'm explicitly spoiling it, but you can tell. It's actually an awful ending really. Like I said, it partly works within the context of the narrative, but that doesn't make it any less awful. It's just a cheap way out of giving you an actual ending, that's just how I see it. It's not like the film was good and this ending brought it down several notches, but it's still pretty terrible. While there are some fun moments to be had with this film, they're simply not sustained through its, relatively, brief running time. Not a terrible movie by any means, but it's not one that I would recommend. Cage has both done better and worse. And I mean worse in the most complimentary way possible.

Hannah M (au) wrote: The perfect feel-good movie. Awesome choreography and great satire, it's forever a favorite.

David W (br) wrote: Good use of cinematography in the country-side, and a halfway-decent attempt at creating a new horror villain. Characters are extremely stereotyped though, so be warned.

Suvi L (gb) wrote: Loved the mood in this and occasional dark moments but otherwise nothing outstanding.

Rainer K (gb) wrote: Filme wie Morocco" werden heutzutage ganz einfach nicht mehr gemacht. Welchem Genre solch ein Film auch zuzuordnen ist, es ist ausgestorben.Heutige Rom-Coms behandeln keine Soldaten und Tnzerinnen in Marokko mehr, und vor allem ersetzen sie den Charme von einer Dietrich oder eines Gary Coopers durch PG-13 Erotik aus der Dose.Was fr den modernen Zuseher als erstes ins Auge springt sind die formidablen Kostme und Sets. Ganz ohne groe establishing shots" und on-location shooting" ist Morocco" bis in die Zehenspitzen atmosphrisch aufgeladen. Diese engen Gassen der Altstadt von Mogador, akzentuiert von harten Schatten in denen Ruber lauern zeugen von Josef von Sternbergs visuellem Genie.Dass er wei Marlene Dietrich in Szene zu setzen war schon von deren ersten Zusammenarbeit in Der blaue Engel" bekannt. Hier geht er einen Schritt weiter und steckt die Dietrich in Frack und Zylinder und betont deren kesse und burschikose Gangart.Dies ist klassisches Hollywoodkino in Reinkultur, mit exotischer Location, charismatischen Hauptdarstellern und ohne groartigen Ideen oder einfallsreichen Dialogen.Dieser Film, nur einer von vielen, verdankt seinen Ruhm der unvergleichlichen Atmosphre und der wunderbaren Dreiecksbeziehung zwischen Dietrich, Cooper und Menjou.Fr Kinognger in den 1930er Jahren mgen Afrika und Fremdenlegionre noch um vieles mystischer gewesen sein als heute, aber gerade Filme wie Morocco" laden dazu ein, sich in diese Zeiten zurckzuversetzen und den Mythos der Fremdenlegion, der bis heute existiert, wirken zu lassen.

Henry M (mx) wrote: Wow... This is one of the only sequels I can honestly say is better than the original movie. The CGI in this film is superb not to mention the great acting from the entire cast. The plot is perfectly paced & executed and the action throughout the film will keep you engaged start to finish. This movie really surprised me and is definitely a worthy installment into The Planet Of The Apes franchise. Excited to see them try to top this one.

Jay H (de) wrote: Wastes Simon Pegg and Bryan Brown's talents! There one scene together is as disappointingly anti-climatic as De Niro and Pacino in "Heat".

Bryan A (us) wrote: Everything that made the Madagascar Trilogy so great seems as if it was brought here because there no doubt every kid will find the movie fun, entertaining and amazing