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En is an 18-year-old who has lost his father to cancer. As his family is drawn together in a sudden tragedy, he has to decide what he believes in. But in a country where ideologies are forged on constantly shifting sands, he struggles to stay true to what he knows to be right. And in a family that prefers to forget, the sandcastles of all he holds dear seem doomed to be washed away by the tides of time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Nathan A (mx) wrote: The film's ultimate point seems to be that the balance of nature has been upset by the irresistible temptation to grow things cheaper, faster, bigger and more efficiently.

Omar A (de) wrote: Es divertida la historia, medio densa y llena de clich pero pelculas de temticas gay no hay muchas buenas... ahhh su quieren ver tetones es la peli ideal! :P

Ivan D (gb) wrote: It has done a good job to scare me off but it still lacks some thrills and just gives it off at times but its still good for a horror movie.

Paul B (es) wrote: It's better to burn out than to fade away seems to be the theme behind Troy Duffy's story, except he didn't so much burn out than go super fucking nova before he even got started. The movie is infinitely more superior to the actual movies that Duffy directed, proving that sometimes real life is better than anything a hack can bang out of a typewriter.

Brian S (ag) wrote: Have you ever seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Well you've also seen House of 1000 Corpses, without even knowing it. It's basically the same thing. Rob Zombie's tribute to the 70's exploitation horror films isn't terrible, but there's a real lack of sense sometimes, as well as a lack of memorable characters and these weird cut scenes that make no sense. Also, it ain't as gory as I thought it would be. But, the best part of the film is actor Sid Haig, even though he ain't the main focus. The 2005 sequel to this movie, The Devil's Rejects, is supposed to be much better, so I'll soon check it out.

David S (it) wrote: Phone Booth is a surprisingly interesting and exciting movie, considering its one location and simplistic script. Carried by Farrell's well styled acting and the sympathetic yet intelligent charisma of Whitaker, it creates an enticing drama that paces well. Flirting with plot holes and plot ideas that are deliberately out of place, there are aspects that are hard to believe, but as it is, Phone Booth is nice entertainment on an average night.

Ashleigh S (ru) wrote: Not as good as the original.

Kyle V (gb) wrote: WW II gets the Tarantino treatment! Inglourious Basterdsoffers a precise scope on WW II by being whimsical and brutal. There are many angles, tones, and stories tackled over the past years that have allowed every WW II film since then to be unique, refreshing, and entertaining.You might think we've exhausted the genre but that's not the case here, though Inglorious Basterds still offer the basic elements of a war movie (WWII movie as well) but with the enchanments of Tarantino that fans will recognize and love.Inglourious Basterds presents characters and circumstances that aren'tcomplex. Despite it being a war movie, Tarantino keeps it simple and thorough but not without substance. This allows a comfortable and justifiable conclusion to the narratives. You might think that the American-led team by Brad Pitt are the main attraction, but don't be mislead, the narrative of the French Shosanna (Melanie Laurent) is significant. What makes this an entertaining watch is that it doens't present such a noble and courageous angle on war, the movie is just bloody good fun (the characters are having fun too).That's the case anyway for the Americans here, but for Shosanna, offers a neat fantasy revenge epic that's familiar but invitingto watch anyway.

Vicky W (au) wrote: a nice thoughtful film. 1 4 every1

Michele H (ag) wrote: Only 13 minutes into this movie and its a joke. Bad acting all the way around and the music score is horrible. I think they paid $5 for the background music. How did these 3 well known actors get roped into this atrocity of a movie????

Cameron J (de) wrote: The three or four stories don't really connect with each other until the very end, nor are they very thematically linked, but "Grand Hotel" is, regardless, an enjoyable collection of tales told through some strong performances (though this, like "Al Quiet on The Western Front", commits the sin of being set in Germany and being about Germans despite being played mainly by American actors who do American accents, though a few try pretty good German accents). Lionel Barrymore is the standout in a role that is even better than his Oscar-winning performance in "Free Soul"; here he plays a dying man who goes to the mythic Grand Hotel to spend his dying days, and all of his money. His brother John Barrymore plays a Baron who is reduced to stealing hotel guests' pocketbooks so he can pay off a debt, but who falls in love with a ballerina (Greta Garbo, who utters the apparently famous line "I want to be alone" a few times, unspectacularly). There's also Joan Crawford as a stenographer and wannabe actress, and Wallace Beery as the man who hires her. In many respects, though the films aren't really related, this can be compared to The Grand Budapest Hotel - the cinematography, while not as refined and stylized as the technically superior Wes Anderson film, is nevertheless controlled, and there are some creative overhead shots which detail the busyness of the grand hotel. The opening montage, in which each of the five main characters is seen making a phone call, is probably the film's best scene from a visual perspective, but there are lots of entertaining moments due to the strong performances, even if those performances aren't wholly consistent throughout the film.

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