Narrative of a period of life (1926 - 1934) of the Nicaraguan revolutionary leader Sandino, who was known as "The general of free men."

The US tried to occupy Nicaragua in 1927. General Cesar Augusto Sandino and his guerrillas begin armed resistance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sandino torrent reviews

Alfin N (jp) wrote: An entertainment that doesn't entertain.

Alfin N (ag) wrote: A 250-minute behemoth discourse on debt, secrets, law, injustice, poverty, and Philippine history.

John H (ru) wrote: The regular, generic movie plot. Nothing terribly horrible, yet nothing actually GOOD either.

Denis O (jp) wrote: Alright, here's what I think. I really enjoyed this movie. I actually gave it 5 Stars on Netflix because it entertained me from beginning to end. Critically speaking, let's say I'd give it 6.5 Stars out of 10, not because of the plot, but because the production value felt really cheap; it was a 18-day shooting schedule, though, not bad for what the movie turned out to be. I totally loved what it was the first Chapter, I fell really into it because it was very real, believable and they managed very well mixing horror/drama with comedy; that's not a really easy thing to do. I liked that 70's sexploitation film style as well, even though they kind of failed big time at it, but in some way made the film very funny. You know, those scenes where they're swinging knives and stuff in the air is pretty fake BUT, it hits the spot because that is actually how it was done back then. In the second chapter (Poo Poo Platter) I was totally out of it, I really didn't enjoy it, it was too much of a silly comedy, and not believable at all as the first chapter was; what was up with that Drag Nurse and this Doctor wearing that big thing on his head?... But the fact of the first chapter being so good, made me wait. Thankfully the last chapter was GREAT, again very believable, kind of scary (It gave me goosebumps) and funny at the same time. I really have no complains, watching this movie was time well spent. Over and out.

Andr L (nl) wrote: Vale para conhecer a histria...

JohnnyLee T (nl) wrote: Hollywood voyeurism. If this were about a nobody, it would raise hardly any interest as a plot. Unless it were told with more interest and intrigue. I'm glad it is limited to one part of Hitch's career but at the same time the movie doesn't take advantage of the collapsed time.Hopkins' makeup is unconvincing - and distracting. Personally, I wished more had been revealed of composer Bernard Hermann's part in Hitch's success.

Bailey H (es) wrote: I recently watched this back to back with the other movie and wtf happened? it's not even good. they turn the first movie that was decent into a slaughterfest where army killed people for no good reason and people didn't take necessary precautions to contain the virus. the first movie had a good reason as to why the virus was released, this movie has the immunity stereotype and poor execution on most of it. this movie didn't need to exist

Diletta S (fr) wrote: It's a Long Time Love for me.I liked it at first sight.

Adam K (it) wrote: A low-budget indie feature from 1998 that is based on the head writer of the hit sitcom Alf, who was a serious heroin addict during the time that he became one of the show's most prominent members on the creative board. It details his abandoning of his wife and child as well as his downfall from the entertainment industry as he spirals into the uncontrollable habits of his addiction. Its a downer with an odd sense of humor and an up front confession of one man's losses through the choices he makes as an addict.

NaWie M (it) wrote: Eeewww disgusting Movie.

bill s (es) wrote: Connery and Snipes were on such a roll then came this mess of a thriller.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Disgraced promoter searches for lost tenor on the lam for tax evasion to make up for booking a fraud. This one has 'critic's choice' written all over it. In the end, it's a story of redemption-for the promoter and the tenor-and a film that redeems itself after a relatively slow start.

Patricia A (es) wrote: The first "Carry On" Film.

Sujan S (mx) wrote: Liked it. This film depicted how the incessant desire to be famous can ruin one's life.

Konrad A (ru) wrote: I like the music. The Music is beautiful and you could like dance to this music I know I do. in this movie my favorite part is when Tarzan saves Jane from the baboons and is sliding down trees with Jane to get away from the baboons. I like the fight with Tarzan and the jaguar that was a intense fight. It is a funny movie

Ashli H (ru) wrote: Always wanted to see this movie. Even if I am a big fan of the Twilight series. This is too funny!

Batesow T (kr) wrote: It was awesome i loved the suspense leading up to that moment at the end

Rachel S (au) wrote: horrific in so many ways