Sangharshana movie deals with the struggle between a rich father and his well educated foreign returned son.Chiranjeevi played a role of Dilip, who is educated in united states and returns to india after a long time. His father janardhan rao runs a factory and wants his son to take over his business. Meanwhile dilip meets rekha (vijayasanthi) and they both fall in love with each other. After a couple of days, one day dilpi realizes that his father is a smuggler, who runs his dark business under the mask of his factory. He senses the danger and refuses to takeover his father’s position and joins the same factory as a labour. He rises to union leader’s position and revolts against his father. Rest of the movie is about how all ends well.

Dilip (Chiranjeevi) returns from America to find his father Harnatha Rao indulging in illegal activities. The story is about Chiranjeevi doing the ethical thing and bringing his father to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc F (ca) wrote: huge missed opportunity

Chad B (us) wrote: Funny and entertaining and silly. Saw this several months ago.Check it out for a good laugh

Samuel J (gb) wrote: I enjoyed the originality of "Paper Heart" but over all it was just an okay movie.

Jeremy S (us) wrote: What a mess stick to the bad Hip hop bud

adam f (fr) wrote: a heartfelt, emotional story about dealing with young love and the ups and downs of figuring it out.

Julie H (mx) wrote: It's certainly bleak and painful... probably realistic in a way that no one alive today could verify. If you expect a movie to be art and to see a certain play between light and dark elements as a way to build tension, this movie will leave you disappointed. There aren't bright moments. Exquisitely intense and horrifying because of it's truth. Too many critics seemed to think that this was intended to make the audience ask themselves what would they do to survive... certainly that moral issue arises as you see and assess the actions of each character but ultimately it's a historical piece based on fact that was adapted by a Jew whose parents escaped Europe. The real question has to do more with what can seem normal when nothing around you is remotely normal. The ending demonstrates that with a starkness that just makes you hope you are never in any situation where such insanity is then your normal.

Buggy B (gb) wrote: Wow, what a cheesefest. Very much a "Hollywood" war movie in a completely over the top way, with endless rounds of gunfire and big, bright explosions that sees soldiers diving and rolling away from the pyrotechnics (Captain Kirk would be proud).Yeah where to begin with this? Disappointing on almost every level with ultra cheesy battle scenes containing enough fireworkie explosions that after a while your eyes glaze over. We also get a melodramatic Nicholas Cage who borders on (is) comedic in his overacted delivery of a battle fatigued Marine. His character is often so ridiculous that I was actually laughing during scenes that should have been very serious. The story itself is okay and has been loosely (oh so loosely) based on a real-life operation during WWII, following two Navajo radiomen and the U.S. Marines assigned to protect them (at all costs) as they encode military messages in their native language. This idea of these code talkers is compelling but unfortunately is lost here in this pyrotechnics dream, too bad. I did enjoy Adam Beach as Private Ben however and his transformation from nave reservation family man to eyes wide open, I've witnessed horror soldier.There are some other familiar faces amongst the troops Mark Ruffalo, Christian Slater, Jason Issacs. I would have to think though if you were a WW2 veteran that this movie would be insulting. 11/15/14

Eric H (br) wrote: This movie is fine for a western, but as a historical document is flawed. I enjoyed it, but hated the fact that the actors were not as they should have been.

Kervin S (fr) wrote: Not good in any sense, but this movie has the funniest bad guy ever. Even with a terrible English dub this guy will have you rolling.

Rhiannon P (ca) wrote: Dated, but still pretty funny. In an Abbott & Costello way.

Mike J (ag) wrote: The only other Disney cartoon I had missed seeing, I was deeply disappointed by the lack of effort put into this movie. An unimpressive art style and weak story, this movie represents one of the weaker efforts made by Disney. One of the worst, unfortunately.

Trent R (jp) wrote: Great exploration of familiar themes for Cammell fans, with transposition of roles between characters and a disturbing exposition of the killer as artist. Powell's influence is clear in the manner taken for shooting the kills, with heavy use of reflections and even a mirror held up for the victim to see their own demise. But the soundtrack by Rick Fenn and Pink Floyd's Nick Mason echoes these events, and reflects the antogonist's role as an audiophile as much as the visuals do his dualistic P.O.V.

Alex F (gb) wrote: This movie, I"m pretty sure, is attempting to be so stupid that it's a comedy. i mean the way the dialogue is ever two seconds, it has to be trying to be a comedy because it's so funny how exagerated and dumb sounding it is. This movie is great.