Fantasy flick starring Suzzanna and the usual magic special effects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sangkuriang torrent reviews

Claire M (de) wrote: I love this movie for many reasons. The main actress and the story. I am not a fan of JT but I did like his character in this :)

Darren S (us) wrote: fun to watch its hallarious

Latanya C (mx) wrote: John Cusack as Himself

Emily B (us) wrote: Based on the true story of the Carandiru massacre of 1992. Seen through the eyes of the prison doctor and including several narratives, all leading up to the shocking climax. Worth watching.

Will D (es) wrote: Nick Nolte does what he does best: growls in people's ears, beats people up with a belt type-thing and generally is a double-hard bastard. The film itself is unremarkable.

Will L (au) wrote: I don't get why critics hate it as much as they do. Sure, it lacks some of the originality of Brooks' other films, but that's just because he's been doing this for a while. It's still a darn funny movie!

Guy S (fr) wrote: Awful! Clearly written by people who have no knowledge of stellar physics, atmospheric science, or common sense. Terrible acting made even worse by a naive and unimaginative plot, which fails to answer any questions it raises and sidesteps any kind of awkward obstacles by simply ignoring them. If I could give this movie negative rating, I would. However, if I was not interested in astrophysics and science in general, it might have scraped half a star or so.

Dimitris H (mx) wrote: Beautiful .photography and shots... Black and White as you've never seen it before. And the propaganda is... amusing

Rick R (ca) wrote: City Streets (1931)Gary Cooper as an urban gangster? Yep! It's hard to believe, but City Streets is a gangster picture with a very young Gary Cooper. If you get a chance to see this pre-code movie, catch it, because, it hasn't been released on DVD yet. The movie is based on a Dashiell Hammett story.Nan Cooley (played by beautiful Sylvia Sidney, in her first film) is the daughter of bootlegger under-boss Pop Cooley (Guy Kibbee), who works for Big Fellow Maskal (Paul Lukas). Nan has enjoyed the extravagant gangsta lifestyle, and has gotten accustomed to covering for Pop.Nan has fallen in love with a young carnival worker who works at a shooting gallery. The Kid (Cooper) used to be a circus cowboy, and is content with his small-change (but honest) life, where Nan wants him to work for her Dad and afford the big cars, nice clothes, etc. She knows that The Kid is a crack shot and would be good at it.Then one night Nan gets caught with the murder weapon that her Dad used and has to go to prison. Pop tells the Kid that he needs his help to afford to get Nan out of prison early. All the time, a reforming Nan is thankful that she didn't talk The Kid into this life of crime. Director Rouben Mamoulian, did an excellent job of filming this with artful camera angles, close-ups, and even an inner (voice-over) monologue that was revolutionary for its time. While Nan ponders her life of crime and the fact that The Kid is now in "the Beer Business" you're thinking and worrying along with her. This is an excellent little movie, and I highly recommend it.