• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Sangram 1950 full movies, Sangram torrents movie

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Sangram torrent reviews

Ed C (kr) wrote: One line summary: What should have been a stellar film is a technical and writing disaster.I saw The Mahabharata (1989 live action film by Peter Brook), which I thoroughly enjoyed. This bad animation is nonsense in comparison.-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arjun is a young noble in training to be a warrior. Opportunities arise to show that the training took. About half way into the film, the consistent message is "he is not ready." Then through his inaction, his family's enemies burn down their compound. Through a contest, followed by a lot of hard work, their fortunes are restored. Then he is a king dispensing justice. I do not believe that. Then he plays a crooked game of chance and loses everything, including his princess. Brilliant. He bets again, with banishment for 12 years being his wager. Great. The city that he and his family built is lost. Amazing incompetence. His bride tries to galvanize him. He travels to the region of the gods to gain something or another. An old decrepit man beats the living daylights out of him. That was pleasant. We later find that old man to be Shiva in disguise. By the time he was attacked by the army of demons from all sides, I was rooting for the demons to kill this useless waste of skin. Unfortunately, he lives and is rewarded with a fine bow by the Gods themselves. He and his few friends plot to rid themselves of the scum who cheated them out of so much. Their plans are overheard, even though the wily Krishna was supposedly helping them. The film jump-shifts to the enemies of Arjun feinting to draw most of his allies away, then attacking the heart of the stronghold where he lives. Just finding them will bring down 12 more years of banishment. Again, just incredibly clever. There are 3 men to defend. Arjun, dressed as a woman, comes out with the local prince, Yuvraj, perhaps 12 years of age. They find Arjun's real weapons, and the one-against-an-army fight begins. Even in this, Arjun demonstrates his incompetence. He should have been slain three times or so. The invitation to a sequel is made at the end. May it not be so.-------Scores-------- Art/Animation: 2/10 The visuals do catch the eye, but not always in a good way. Too much of the action looks like the characters are on one layer, and the backgrounds on another. More than anything else, it looks like the 'flattening' of the layers for presentation was poorly thought out in terms of 3d light sources. The characters look disassociated for that reason. The backgrounds look great as backgrounds, while the character images look (barely) competent; the flattened final product, on the other hand, looks fake. The characters are often simplistic, rigid, and moving in odd ways as well as being ill-lit. This was a huge let down, an ongoing irritation that just never goes away. Clearly a great deal of effort was expended on the backgrounds. It is too bad that similar effort was not spent on making sure the final rendering did not throw that all away. Sound: 8/10 OK. Loved the singing in the closing credits. Screenplay: 2/10 The narration seems jumpy, and short on exposition. The Arjun character, the centre of the story, is just not believable as a hero, not believable as a king, not believable as an inspirational warrior capable of turning the tide of war. The camaraderie between Arjun and Krishna I was expecting seemed almost absent. The scene where Arjun shoots the golden fish is anti-climactic because there is less than zero motivation for it. He is portrayed repeatedly as a foul-up, a child, someone incapable of protecting his own. Then he does this mighty deed requiring great skill and huge strength? Are we viewers all supposed to be idiots who accept anything? The centre of the action remains re-enforcing the strongly etched image of Arjun's worthlessness up to about 70 minutes into the film. The last 24 minutes did not change that image.

Andrew W (au) wrote: As well as being heart warming, this has moments where you simply have to laugh out loud, especially the journey north to Pas De Calais. A wonderful film full of characters, local hero style humour that makes you long for such an ideal. A treat.

Pekka L (nl) wrote: Hyvaa suomalaista viihdetta. Hyva rooli suoritus Eerolta

Sean P (au) wrote: For some reason, I just didn't like the film. The lies were transparent, the hiding of the jackpot was stupid, and the ending made the movie pointless.

Chris B (ag) wrote: If you liked Killer Klowns From Outer Space I highly recommend watching this movie.

Gav R (ru) wrote: stunning, simple and good music

William B (mx) wrote: Should we say a line? No, let's just leer intently at each other and look stoic, that's much better for a movie than having something actually happen

Benjamin S (it) wrote: Fascinating Caesar epic biopic. Historical inaccuracies aside, I found it moving. Harris is menacing as Sulla, and who knew Walken could play Cato the Younger?

Alex A (kr) wrote: A good flick about a time gone by, tough familiar with tougher problems. It's a New York I want to know, but never will.

John W (gb) wrote: It's hard to say that you could make an 80's T&A filled teen sex romp completely boring, but Screwballs tries very hard to do so. Not completely unwatchable, but there are so many better choices.

Darren A (jp) wrote: Better than what some clownds think....

Uditha D (us) wrote: Born Free was a surprisingly charming and intimate portrayal of nature. The reason I believe why it was so heartwarming and inspiring in the end, was mainly due to its balanced direction: I never saw one hint of any sentimental melodrama throughout its duration - not from its music, not from its camerawork, and DEFINITELY not from its actors. Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers gave convincing, warm, and at times comedic performances as the Adamson couple, and the animals in it - most notably Elsa - were beautifully depicted with what I felt was acute realism. I could also see that with respect to its camerawork, its depiction of nature was realistic, though not too raw. There was not one single scene that depicted nature being too "red in tooth and claw", but nor did it display a saccharine-coated view of the lush African landscape. And as for the music, it had just about one of the most painstakingly nostalgic and inspiring title songs I've ever heard. In the end, its final message - that of Elsa's ultimate and intended achievement of freedom (interwoven over Joy Adamson's spoken self-realization of Elsa's freedom) - was genuinely, precisely and brilliantly charted. In my view, that was what ultimately made this a very warm family film, enjoyable to watch, and legendary to see.

Scott C (br) wrote: This is what what real Christianity looks like for most of us Ragamuffins. Loved every moment of it.