Two brothers separated at a very young age, take to crime. One works for Durjan (Ajit), and changes his name from Salim to Altaf (Danny Denzongpa). During one of his crime capers, he comes ...

Two brothers separated at a very young age, take to crime. One works for Durjan (Ajit), and changes his name from Salim to Altaf (Danny Denzongpa). During one of his crime capers, he comes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sangram torrent reviews

Myra B (jp) wrote: Amazing film about an amazing individual who never ceases to fight against injustice.

Lucas Eduardo B (it) wrote: Mais um que perdi meu tempo!!!! LIXOOOOO ELEVADO A ENSIMA POTNCIA!!!!!

oniverse m (jp) wrote: ha, take that Stephenie Meyer this is jow you make a young adult book series work.

Yash B (ag) wrote: It's nothing particularly new but it's not a bad movie. It's a somewhat enjoyable movie but nothing really stands out here.

Greg H (gb) wrote: Shockingly overrated

Arthuro M (br) wrote: Le film traite d'un sujet peu abord par le cinma, l'Apartheid, et il le fait bien. Pas de violence gratuite ici, le ralisateur sait rester humble. Un peu trop peut-tre, car le "mchant" n'est pas un vritable salaud comme il est probable que les policiers sud-africains l'taient. Une mention spciale aux acteurs, trs l'aise. Ils ont sans doute conscience que le sujet abord est d'importance, et ils se gardent bien de sur-jouer.

Matt T (fr) wrote: I was caught in a wave of nostalgia when I watched this brilliant film.

Jason J (ca) wrote: A fantastic mix of comedy and action

Hinata A (br) wrote: you never know about your friends plan..

Ian I (it) wrote: Its not a scary film or suspenseful by any means compared to some of the other films. But it explains the end of Laurie Strode's character and the start of something a little new in franchise. It has good performances by Busta Rhymes and Jamie Lee Curtis. The directing isn't bad either. Overall though the film has the same premise as all the others: Michael Myers' goes around killing people and can't be killed no matter who tries or how you try. Hopefully this is the last Halloween film they make besides the two remakes.

Eugene B (au) wrote: Although far less memorable than the original, Next Friday still is able to produce some laughter, even when the film is obviously inconsistent, immoral and offensively gag-filled. 4/5

Dylan D (nl) wrote: Mobsters is by no means an awful film, but it's certainly several rungs removed from the best genre films out there, several of which are not only classics of the type but bonafide superstars that demonstrate the best the cinematic medium has to offer. Mobsters plays like a secondhand film, one that simply wants to jump on the bandwagon, a movie that's sort of like an involved Halloween costume: it dresses up real nice, looks the part, and feels the part, but underneath is just another anybody playing make-believe. It's a solid enough time waster and holds a decent replay value, but as far as the best Mob movies out there? Fuggedaboutit.

Matthew S (jp) wrote: "Look at those assholes, ordinary f#@!ing people. I hate 'em."Welcome to Alex Cox's surrealistic and absurdist take on apocalyptic satire of mid-1980's American culture.Otto is frustrated, angry, lonely, horny and bored teenage Punk. Dumped by his girl for his best friend he stumbles into a "job" as apprentice to the role of "Repo Man" for the Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation -- which is actually just a front for a repossession agency where the words and ideas of "law" and "ethics" have no place. Otto quickly discovers that this job and company are far more "Punk" than anything he has seen. Soon he is caught-up in an odd sexual trust, breaking laws, US UFO Conspiracy, Xmas Tree Shaped hanging Pine Tree Scented Air-Freshners, Governmental intrigue and a nuclear contaminated 1964 Chevy Malibu that hides a "Top Secret" weapon in its trunk. A very young Emilio Estevez is Otto and The Great Harry Dean Stanton is his mentor on this Neo-Punk Adventure. An all-too-quick glimpse of a performance by LA's infamous Circle Jerks and a post-industrial wasteland all take part in this low-budget Cult Film Masterpiece. This is as close to true middle-class US PUNK as you're going to get. Over the years this film has managed to become a nostalgic symbol of a time and a rebellion long gone. A must see.

Johnny R (ru) wrote: pretty good sequel to an amazing original horror movie kept. me interested just kind of a weak ending

John M (kr) wrote: Harrowing crime drama, with Hoffman as an ex-con trying to go straight. But, we learn he has a breaking point, and the drama is what happens if he gets to that point. Excellent performance from Hoffman, plus great work from Director Grosbard and his crew. Very unique film that must be seen if you love Hoffman's work!

Alex S (kr) wrote: so..good. why arent there movies like this about modern society?

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: 20 guys in a castle in England try to hold off the rampaging hordes of Danish mercenaries (let's stop and simply enjoy the pairing of those two words. "Danish" + "Mercenary" ... admit it, you never thought of it before, did you? I certainly never did!) under the authority of good ol' King John, the go-to bad guy whenever the eleventh century is brought to mind. Sort of an English Thermopylae, this one has it's moments. Most of them are taken up by Paul Giamatti as King John, who can play bad guy in his sleep and scare you.