Sangre de mayo

Sangre de mayo


Revolution in Spain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasmine G (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Alot of comedy :)

Oscar G (ag) wrote: La comedia francesa experimenta nuevos rumbos, aunque en este caso, un tanto sobreexplotados.

Paul B (ag) wrote: Shane Meadows' heartfelt and beautifully crafted documentary of the Stone Roses reunion of a few years ago is a great film about a special moment in time. Like me, you don't need to be a fan of the band to appreciate this but, if you are, you would have already seen it


Peter W (au) wrote: Such an honest, heart-warming, humorous story of a bachelor stuck caring for his mother and a few other old ladies. Great acting and wonderful moments are captured and enjoyed. Looking forward to seeing "Gomorrah" as well.

Millo T (it) wrote: Too simplistic in its message, but one must appreciate its good intentions. Sometimes, movie is boring, but others, characters make you start a smile. Between 2.5 and 3.

Isabelle P (es) wrote: On connaissait deja de Greenaway son penchant pour la peinture hollandaise. avec Rembranlt, comme le grand maitre il excelle dans le clair obscur. Cet univers picturel envoute et sert d ecrin a un drame anecdotique, a une chronique des us et coutumes de l epoque, aux fantasmes tortueux d' un peintre. greenaway equilibre sa palette pour dresser un somptueux tableau.

Tristan G (gb) wrote: I'm kind of on the fence with this film. While I found the visuals to be interesting, the actor, Malcolm Stumpf, to be really good, and the concept pretty interesting, I found the film to be pretty hollow. The film is pretty much about this kid who basically is going through that awkward stage in which he isn't totally sure who he is and what he feels and, as a result, makes some mistakes. This concept can be effective when done right. Look at WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE or L.I.E. This film, WILD TIGERS I HAVE KNOWN, in a way, works. It works in it's awkward staging of events and works in creating an isolated world in which this kid doesn't really seem to have anybody that he can personally relate to. However, the film is also extremely lifeless. There isn't any kind of energy to the scenes and the tone, not even sad energy. The whole film has plenty of opportunities to explore these little events in an interesting way and only halfheartedly does. The kid may or may not be gay, but he never really seems to care either way. Maybe if the film had allowed him to show some sort of feelings toward his own-self then it would have been a more interesting film to watch. I applaud the filmmakers for crafting this together, considering the subject matter. I understand that teenage sexuality is a difficult topic to explore and craft a film out of. However, the film just doesn't seem to try to even explore the idea in any way. Sure, one could say that WILD TIGERS I HAVE KNOWN is honest, but that's only because it doesn't take any chances trying something new. It's so weird because the character of Logan reminded me a lot of myself when I was his age, but I was unable to relate to him. He struck me as boring, as a matter of fact, which is more than I could say about myself at the time. Perhaps I'm just trying to find things wrong with the film, and in all honesty it isn't a bad film by any means. It just seems like a missed opportunity to me. I know that it's possible to make something out of this concept. I just feel that twice as much effort would have helped it a lot more.

Jackson S (jp) wrote: Who would watch a movie where a little girl is pessimistic and borderline annoying. That one song is good and the reunion of Peter and Wendy is touching, but other than that it's trash. Poor Peter Pan got shamelessly ass raped.But to be fair this is the least awful of the Peter Pan followupsThat's kind of like saying Revenge of the Sithe is the least awful Star Wars pre-quell.

Steve J (it) wrote: Fairly solid horror thriller based on what is probably the best of Stephen King's 'Richard Bachman' novels. Robert John Burks is an obese crooked lawyer who accidentally runs over an old gypsy woman, and by way of retaliation is cursed to lose weight at terrifying speed. As the once-plump crook begins to shrivel up, he desperately tries to get the curse reversed, and proves himself capable of going to extremes to make that happen. While it's nothing very special (and lacks the energy of the book), this is a creditable King adaptation that will probably please most horror fans. Director Tom Holland approaches the film with a properly mean-spirited, but tongue-in-cheek, attitude. Not bad!

Vinci Y (br) wrote: A very funny yet underrated homage to the legendary masked bandido. George Hamilton and Ron Leibman embrace the campiness of the movie and are just hilarious.

Kelly B (ag) wrote: Think of one of the realistic Bond Movies meets a Paul Newman/John Huston film! Very under-rated, with some great photography and this film contains the best "realistic" stunts I've ever seen in a film! Again great, "realistic" action scenes, and great score from master, Maurice Jarre.

Trevor D (jp) wrote: "Son of Frankenstein" certainly looks great and boasts a wickedly fun turn from Bela Lugosi as Ygor, but it's hard not to see it as a serious step down from the two previous films. It's all big and bold with distinctly sci-fi-adventure feel rather than horror, but it's lacking in depth or nuance, especially as Karloff is reduced to a supporting role in his own movie (and not a very interesting one, either). The Creature here basically fulfills the function of a killer robot, without speech once again, and is only given the briefest of moments to show any genuine emotion or character (which, unsurprisingly, Karloff absolutely nails). Rathbone makes for an effective, if unspectacular, white-bread hero, but he has no real arc to speak of and his ultimate function in the story is more about fancy stunts and exciting visuals than endowing such moments with any sort of catharsis or meaning for his character or the story as a whole.

Andrew L (es) wrote: Oh this is boring - quirky and funny at times - but boring

Dusty L (ru) wrote: 85% on my Tomatometer.

Dax S (it) wrote: Amazing movie, a shame that Dicaprio didn't win an oscar for it.