Professor convinced of the Mayan apocalypse prophesies, builds bomb shelter to save his family. 3. Eight year old boy, cruel father, concerned teacher and hallucinatory monster come into conflict. 2. Artist begins taking orders from the dolls he exhibits. Three stories of the mentally ill: 1

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Users reviews

Allan C (it)

Lee really does carry the day here on this one. There's not a lot of especially interesting royal court intrigue or especially interesting of supporting characters, but Lee's crazy eyes and wild performance as Rasputin make this film more than worth checking out. Goofy and not especially historically accurate, Christopher Lee chews up the scenery in this film about the titular monk and his rise to power within the Romanov dynasty

Dann M (ag)

The Brass Teapot, while it has its problems, is an entertaining film with a unique take on the corrupting influence of money. Still, a lot of the humor works and overall the morality tale is effectively told. There are also some tonal issues, as the sex and violence brings some darkness to the film, but not enough to be a black comedy. However, the supporting characters aren't developed very well and neither is the plot. Juno Temple and Michael Angarano deliver pretty good performances and have a nice chemistry together. When a financially desperate young married couple comes across a magical brass teapot that rewards the owner with riches in exchange for the infliction of pain, they find themselves crossing lines that they never though they would in order to keep the money following. Based on a comic book series, The Brass Teapot is a quirky modern fairy tale

David M (nl)

Even if the film is, effectively, Die Hard on a ship (no bad thing). My choice for Steven Seagal's best film, and his best role as Casey Ryback: the former US Navy SEAL whose best line is still probably "I also cook"

James U (mx)

It's not the best movie in the world but it works well enough with its twists to keep me watching. I particularly like seeing Jackson as a Drill Sergeant and Travolta as a Ranger investigator, the other characters work but these two of course steal the show. I don't know why but this movie has always been a favorite of mine because its characters are interesting and the story is constantly changing

Lisa (jp)

It makes me think of the evil inside oneselve that doesn't show and to be careful not to have that present in my life, even though it doesn't show physically it's still there. Great movie

Michelle S (gb)

hy does Sean Penn always have to be in depressing movies?. This is a depressing movie. Jesus

Mohem N (us)

The Story is somewhere predictable, and somewhere do not make any sense

patrick c (ag)

I found myself constantly holding my breath. This movie is made of pure terror and suspense. Those who were left bored and underwhelmed upon viewing this film simply must not be afraid of the ocean

Paul D (fr)

They do fine but it is the story which is the big letdown, very standard fair. This is a watchable crime drama but not one of the better Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth partnerships

Paul P (nl)

Marvelous. Ultimate revenge flick! Brian Keith in rare form; Karl Malden as a guy; Marty Landau in there, too. Surely an overlooked classic. Near masterpiece