Sanky Pany 2

Sanky Pany 2

Genaro is still working as a Sanky Panky, to the dismay of his girlfriend. Things will get tricky when a strange and powerful Italian family arrives at the hotel, and Genaro must take care of the Mamma.

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Sanky Pany 2 torrent reviews

Art C (gb) wrote: one of the most god awful zombie or any type of movies I have seen. and O have seen hundreds

HeyZeus D (es) wrote: Good movie for a lazy day. Steve Carrel and company great in it.

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Kevin M W (it) wrote: What's an urban pretty boy to do in the post-apocalypse once he's broken his favorite bit of indispensable technology and nobody makes replacement parts anymore? That's the opening gambit in this sci-fi romp that's more comedy/romance than sci-fi, a tip of the hat to the old pulp days of the genre. Melanie Griffiths is the star and she's actually good in this = surprise.

Paul G (fr) wrote: A great performance by Ben and a interesting beginning but SUPER BORING and kinda over long

Rayvyn (br) wrote: Quite possibly the single most under-rated animated film of all times.

David G (fr) wrote: A breathtaking film. A heartbreaking look at African American life life during the Great Depression but with pure tenderness and a true example of the human spirit.

Keenan S (ru) wrote: If I could give this film zero stars, I would not hesitate to do so. My Boss's Daughter is the biggest clusterfuck of a comedy I've ever seen and one of the all-time worst comedies I've seen as well. I expected this to be a bad film when I caught it on TV, but it was way, way worse in every possible way since even the most simple aspects of film-making are a total disaster. Even a plot that should be simple is rendered almost completely incomprehensible by the horrible script, the humor is an unholy mixture of screwball, slapstick, and various other types of comedy which don't work at all, the acting is wretched, the dialogue is unbelievably bad, it's confusing and disorienting to follow, and it's also horrifically boring on top of everything else. Nothing about this film works and I was left with my jaw dropped by how bad it really it was. Unless you want to see a film that will drive you to the point of madness trying to figure it out, steer clear of this travesty of a film.

David F (nl) wrote: Not as good as the book. This movie has been described as a masterpiece, but it's long run time and far too many long silences make it dated nowadays. There are, of course, two great messages in the movie, both of which remain relevant today.The most annoying thing about this movie is the children; their voices are just too shrill, and John Megna, who plays the occasional visiting neighbour, has to be the ugliest child ever to make it to the big screen.Mary Badham, who plays Scout, puts in some great performances (credit to good direction) but the stand out performance is Brock Peters as the accused Tom Peters toward the end of of the courthouse scene.

Bradley W (fr) wrote: Beautiful in every sense of the word. A must see for anyone who appreciates the art of cinema. Wonderful modern take on the western genre with superb acting by Johnny Depp