Sanning eller konsekvens

Sanning eller konsekvens

Summer holiday is over. Nora begins sixth grade and is drawn to intrigues and doesn't really know what side she's on. Or wants to be on. On one hand she feels sorry for the bullied Karin, ...

Summer holiday is over. Nora begins sixth grade and is drawn to intrigues and doesn't really know what side she's on. Or wants to be on. On one hand she feels sorry for the bullied Karin, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mel F (ag) wrote: A shame that scientific information was diluted by tangential rants that had little, if anything, to do with the issues surrounding cannabis legislation.

Simon P (nl) wrote: Crap. But it's fast-paced, camp and gory martial arts/sci-fi crap so who cares?

Justin B (ag) wrote: Absolutely brilliant, watch it as a family and be prepared to laugh as much as the kids.

Shawn E (au) wrote: What a by the books 90's action movie. Pull team together, back story on mission, action, good guy is really bad guy, action, action, plan fails, get new plan, action, new plan works - end. Nothing new here.

Spencer A (ca) wrote: This review goes to the Recobbled Cut of this movie:Before I start this review, let me explain the real history behind The Thief and the Cobbler. Planned and directed by animator Richard Williams (animator of such gems like his animated short of A Christmas Carol, and his most notable work for the animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), he wanted to make this film his all-time masterpiece. The film was in production for over 25 years, starting form 1964 to 1993. Unfortunately, because the movie was taking too long to finish, Williams was kicked out of his own project, and The Completion Bond Company put together their own take of a Disney rip-off of Aladdin to make it more marketable. As a result, the film was a critical and financial failure, and it was sensed that Richard Williams would never tell the story he always dreamt about telling. However, in 2006, a long-time Williams fan named Garret Gilchrist saw an opportunity to "recobble" the film bringing it as close to the original screenplay Richard made the entire time by using some unfinished storyboards and earlier sketches and some occasional fan made edits. As a result, though still a work in progress (I think), it is 100 times better than the way it was released and definitely deserves a look at for fans of animation and movie goers out there. Set in the desserts of Arabia, within the Golden City, we have two silent protagonists: Tack the lonely Cobbler and the nameless thief who always gets himself into trouble trying to get what he wants. During a time when the villain of the movie, Zigzag (Vincent Price), makes his entrance to the City, the thief tries to steal from Tack but then accidentally interrupts the antagonists ceremony. Zigzag arrests Tack, but the thief gets away with it and notices three golden balls on top of a tall tower in the palace grounds, which are a source of the Golden City's protection. Zigzag introduces Tack to King Nod (Anthony Quayle) and his daughter princess Yumyum. Tack is then saved at the moment by the princess and the two characters start to have a huge love interest on one another. Meanwhile, a great threat know as the One-Eye are coming closer to destroying the Golden City. The thief later manages to steal the three golden balls, but looses them and the city would then be on the verge to chaos and its demise. Now Tack teams up with the Crown to save the city, while the thief follows to steal his goodies.The characters in this movie are pretty basic. Tack is a pale but a good-hearted shoemaker with an easy life. The thief is what you might consider the Charlie Chaplin of the film as, I have said, gets into trouble for getting his treasure, which makes him a more comical character. Zigzag, the evil sorcerer, speaks in rhyme, which might be questionable, but with a charming feel by Vincent Price's voice performance, his character is what I consider to be the one that stands out the most. Yumyum, an odd name to give to a princess, is always determined to make things right for the City and of course for Tack. And also King Nod is a sleepy man but always has his distress level go overdrive when something bad happens. Some of these character's stories might be a bit clich (C) to some people, but keep in mind that this film was trying to make the animation the star of the show, and in terms of character development, there's never a point when the characters would get annoying or overplayed. Now let's talk about the animation; in fact there is a lot to talk about how it was all done. This has some of the best animation I've ever seen in an animated movie. Again, Williams spent years and years of financing and perfecting the art design and animation for this picture. There is a ton of expression and detail out of the character's body language that it had to be done using millions of sheets of paper. That's something I don't think any animated film out there could pull off. Art design is also very unique with some great Arabian buildings and some awesome optical illusion effects. One example of how this all works with this animation is during a chase scene were Tack is trying to get the princess's shoe back from the thief. The art direction for this is incredibly trippy for the viewers' eyes making them think that what we are seeing is like a huge ongoing chess looking board is now turning into the real world. Words are hard to describe this kind of art form. When you get to a scene like that, you'll understand what I'm talking about. One thing I'll say is that every sequence you will see was done entirely on paper. One most notable example is during the final battle seen where we come to a ten minute destruction scene of the One-Eyed war machine. All of the effects were again done on paper: Every mechanic, every arrow that flies by, all done in mathematical perfection. Nowadays, you would be able to pull this off with computers, but this was a film that was going beyond the limits of 2D animation, and it really shows.When looking at it's true version, The Thief and the Cobbler is one outstanding achievement for animation filmmaking. It's a shame that Richard Williams couldn't tell the story he wanted to tell his entire life upon it's release. It's all thanks to Garret Gilchrist for making the Recobbled Cut possible for him. If there is one problem you might have with this product is that it's still unfinished, and I think it's still a work in progress. But nevertheless, William's masterwork is, as of now, coming slowly but surely to completion and no matter what it's still considered a classic that deserves to be seen. To see the Recobbled Cut, look it up on YouTube, one of the only ways you can find it, and witness some amazing animation.

Kay R (jp) wrote: Excellent film. Highly underrated (but so are most of Tony Scott's works. Phenomenal combination of directorial style, strong performances, great musical score, great climax and most importantly, powerful themes of love, hope and faith. On a side note more relevant to the radical violence we've been seeing today in the US. Extremism can be based on any religion.

Kurt A (mx) wrote: My head hurts. I hated this movie. I pretty much hated everything about it considering that I actually do like D&D, which this mocks. The story sucked, the character development sucked, the music sucked, the final edit was long, the cinematography was very amaturistic, the diaglog sucked, the sets sucked, the premise sucked, and I still don't know what it was about!!! Avoid this movie at all costs. (Insert the intonations of a serious plea here) Very bad, very long, very stupid.

chris s (ag) wrote: Mecha King Kong. Nuff said.

Matt L (kr) wrote: Flawless. Absolutely flawless. This film masters atmospheric horror in a way that transcends the genre. It's understated, it's unflinching, it's gritty, it's grisly. By the end of the film, it felt like my arteries were pumping wet sand. Snowtown is an achievement in horror and psychodrama that got under my skin and has stayed there ever since. Hell, this may very well be my favorite film of all time. Please watch it and, no matter what your better instincts tell you, do not look away.

ismael r (fr) wrote: Cherry falls is a horrer film that started of decent but continued to get more and more silly until it gradually shuffled its self towards stupidity.