Sano sansar

Sano sansar

Ravi is an average guy who has just graduated from college. Like most average guys, he doesn't know what he wants in life. Reetu is a not so average girl who knows what she doesn't want. Suraj is a sure headed fellow who knows exactly what he wants in life. Manoj Sizapati (aka Siza) wants what every guy wants. Little do they know that they are living in a Small World (Sano Sansar) where everyone knows everyone, even if they think they do not.

Ravi and Reetu are good chat friends but they have got no idea that they hate each other in the real life situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zachary N (gb) wrote: An interesting, but character challenged politically charged "what if?". Like all of Trier's stuff, this is pure venting but it lacks the satisfaction felt from Dogville; going for narrow-mindedness over actually exploring the premise fairly. Still, it's a fine watch.

CJ C (ag) wrote: Could have been interesting, but boring. Characters were too one dimensional.

nathan (it) wrote: this film is NOT as bad as everyone says it was, this coming from a fan of the ring series. its definitely not as good as the rest, but it is decent.

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Colin S (ru) wrote: The film that got me into the franchise all those years ago, and I found it enchanting even though it was confusing to my young mind at the time. Who was this guy who made plastic surgery look like he was merely getting a haircut? How could he become a ninja on what seemed like an intensive weekend course? Why did he have a really elaborate fake wedding (which possibly was a really valid one because Hell I didn't know what a traditional Japanese marriage ceremony consisted of)? How is it that a school of piranha blow bubbles when they're travelling? Regardless, this guy was smooth as silk, handled a weapon with immense skill, and had a damn evil looking antagonist, and to top it all off, flew a mini-helicopter like a boss. I was hooked for life.

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