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SUGARFALL S (br) wrote: I'm giving this movie three for being brave and doing pretty damn well what must have been difficult to do well. Unfortunately the journey to madness is too long and TOOOOOO isolated and so it loses it's audience.

Christopher H (es) wrote: It's a long film but Benjamin Murmelstein is eloquent and great company to spend time with. It is definitely presented as how the introduction set out which lacks subtlety and ambiguity. Worth pursuing by breaking it down into multiple sittings.

Shahrukh D (de) wrote: Aazaan, who would have thought that this movie would change the way the world looks at Bollywood. This movie is just amazing! Action has been mind-boggling, and you've to hear the awesome songs. Watch the film for the sexy cinematography, dialogues, script and definitely the songs. Three cheers for Aazaan.

Carlos R (kr) wrote: Dark, sinister, and extremely grim, Chronicle is a rare origin story where it is focused entirely on the origin of the super villain rather than the actual hero.

Susana B (es) wrote: It's a little bit better than the first one, but the songs are still crappy, the acting is mediocre, and it's hilarious how they still treat Sharpay as one of them at the end when she's just an evil bitch.

Muktashif D (fr) wrote: This Johnny Cash biopic elevates only because of Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Patrick's excellent performances. Reese witherspoon is also amazing in her own way. Another great music biopic analyzing the psychology of an artist with the beauty of drama and inner conflict.Beautiful music and cinematography keep us all inhibited in this movie.Another film that comes close to this will be the Joy Division frontman's biopic Control. Watch this because music biopics are rarely this good

Joshua C (nl) wrote: A heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, and difficult movie to watch. The acting is superb.

Cody L (ag) wrote: Kind of an underrated movie. Good performance by Anna Paquin, decent story (though the execution was kind of a mess), and some parts (especially in the end) were kinda creepy and crazy.

Candice M (au) wrote: This movie is far out, man!

Steve D (ru) wrote: Painfully bad. Laugh out load effects/plot/acting. Not good for a horror movie

Bjorn O (it) wrote: Det hr var den enda Ilsa rullen jag inte betygsatt s det r vl lika bra att gra det, Det hr r den andra i serien och ven om Oljeshejkar knns minde provokativt n Nassar s bjuds det p en del idioti, vissa anser att det hr r pornografi, det kunde inte vara mer fel, det hr r som Indiana Jones fr idioter eller som det str p den svenska hyrutgvan av uppfljaren "bdeln frn sibirien" frn tidigt 80 tal "Dyanne Thorne r en kvinnlig James Bond - en ondskans ngel i en film fylld av grymt vld och djrv sex" Den r lttsammare n fregngaren, knns lite som buskis mellan varven men sen kommer utdragna scener med tortyr och tvng.Rekommenderas alla som tappades i golvet som barn eller r uppvxt i en liten ort p vischan.

Larry C (br) wrote: Cary at 53 tries to play a 30 year old pilot. The movie is pointless and bad.

Bill T (kr) wrote: I'm not the biggest Laurel and Hardy fan, I really like their silent work, but their sound films don't sit well with me. That's why I was reluctant to view this. Nevertheless, this was available, so I picked it up. I have to say that this actually started REALLY slowly, with Ollie getting depressed over losing a girl and trying to commit suicide (while a escapee shark trolls nearby!) but soon the story, and my interest picked up once they joined the Foreign Legion, after that it became a light light piece of work, but OK for an hour sit-through. I too loved the 'Shine On Harvest Moon' bit. It comes in unexpectedly and the plot just well, stops, for the piece, but it's sung beautifully and Laurel dances quite well, so I can't complain. Very very nice

Caroline K (it) wrote: Excellent adaptation of an Alistair Maclean novel. Some good plot twists, and an excellent turn by Charles Bronson.

Alberto V (au) wrote: my son and I really like this movie

Ted W (gb) wrote: Ok magician movie starring Jesse Isenberg, woody heralson, Dave Franco, and some random girl because of diversity, you know , one girl and the rest are guys. I like the concept of magicians doing the impossible of transporting money from France to last Vegas or teleporting place to place. If this kind of magic could be used in real life, that would be cool but it can't, it's just a movie. Also Mark ruffulo is in this movie, and I actually don't like him, it's not how he portrays the character but his character just by himself is just bad. The four horseman are cool and their tricks maybe cheesy at times but in the end their tricks are good. But now for the more bad, the talking in this movie, the script is boring at times, but makes the movie a lot longer than it already is but only boring for the people in the movie that are not the four horsemen. Morgan Freeman and his gang suck, I'm glad they have Morgan Freeman but his role isn't right for him, he's comedic, I like that about him but he's not good in this kind of comedy. But without the Hollywood stars in this movie or the cool effects for the magic, this movie would have nothing but in the end it's just an ok movie that you'll see for 1 dollar at target.