Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Mary Class is a highly successful business executive - who just happens to be the daughter of Santa Claus. But when her father falls ill, Mary returns to the North Pole and the life she left behind to take over for her dad and implement her innovative ideas for running Christmas.

A business executive returns to the North Pole to help her ill father, Santa Claus, prepare for Christmas. She employs her marketing and business management techniques to revitalise the workshop elves, and reconnects with her lost love Luke. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony K (us) wrote: Feels like a publicity stunt without any real substance behind it. The filmmakers had a real opportunity to expound upon Dawkins' and Krauss' advocacy of reason, but squander it on repetitive talking points that don't say much except "science is good, religion is bad." It's a shame considering that the controversy behind the debate is heated and could have made an engrossing, thought-provoking documentary. Instead, I was forced to watch a 75-minute commercial for an atheist convention.

Ted N (au) wrote: Initially, I was put off when Killing Lincoln turned out to be more of a TV documentary with high production value reenactments than a feature film. With the exception of Billy Campbell as President Lincoln, some of the acting wasn't up to par with the cinematography. Furthemore, having Tom Hanks as commentator and "host" of the program seemed out of place, disrupting the flow of the narrative. But after a while, I began to appreciate the wealth of insight and the painstaking research into the history about the assassination. This, by the way, was one of the last productions the late, great Tony Scott worked on with his brother, Ridley. Definitely recommended.

Masila M (jp) wrote: Nanban is a comedy of ideas that is as provocative as funny, as wildly entertaining as insightful. A laugh-riot that talks about the most important of human pursuits: self-actualization.

Justine J (mx) wrote: loved learning bobs story. very motivational:)

Kirstin G (gb) wrote: Truly terrible!!! Possibly the worst acting i've ever seen.. the normally inbred hillbilly america storyline (although I'm sure i recognised my nextdoor neighbours so maybe it was dismal desborough!).... anyway definately NOT worth watching!

Luciano G (nl) wrote: If you are a true horror fan and can appreciate a horror film on the "horror" alone, you'll most likely quite like this one......the acting was good, the storyline is great for the type of film it is, effects are actually really good....and personally, the songs throughout it were really good too ....they were perfect for this movie.........

TahmeSha W (mx) wrote: The big screens first sneek peek at Madea....Hallelueeer

Laney C (nl) wrote: Boy, Rosie is really annoying in this, and the ending was really bad, but the rest of the story was good.

Caitlin F (mx) wrote: Amazing thriller, right from the very start. Gave me chills, and did even more so when I knew it was based on a true story (well, based on a book which was based on the true story?) Some parts were very disturbing and hard to watch, but that made it all the more intense. Malcolm McDowell was incredible, indescribable even. I'm completely speechless at his performance, alike his others, as he is able to act out his roles so perfectly, that I have a hard time believing he is only acting and not the real person. I actually rewound the beginning scene a few times, where he is telling the story to the little girl, as I was completely taken aback at how intensely and emotionally he told the story. It also really set the tone for the rest of the movie. Some of the scenes were a bit ridiculous, and apart from McDowell, most of the acting was pretty horrible. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this movie.

Laura N (mx) wrote: This film was amazing. A very powerful story that takes place during the depression and deals with freedom of speech.

Jim H (kr) wrote: Based on the novel by Graham Swift - a wonderful British author - Waterland tells the story of a history teacher who tells his students as much about himself as he does history. What is strong about the novel is what is weak about the film. The novel explores a post-modern conception of history that suggests we get stuck in these endless spirals of ironic happenstance, and in order to understand it all, we must go back, and in order to understand what we see when we go back, we must go back farther and farther. There's a little bit of this in the film, but certainly not enough for the audience to understand Swift's point. Instead of a complex exploration of post-modern theory and history, we're left with a fairly basic film about a man dealing with the events of his childhood. And how does that story fair? Not badly. It has its moments of affecting drama, both in the present and the past, but it's devoid of any grand significance. Additionally, the ending is too intentionally vague. We're given to understand certain conclusions about these characters' futures, but we can't figure out how they get from the point A, when the credits roll, to the point B, which we are told will happen. What is more, the plot-line between Crick and Price ends in a disappointing cliche.Overall, I think I should like this film less than I do. In the end, I think the source material, Swift's book, is so good, and the performances by Irons, Cusack, and Warnock were good enough to make up for the failings of the screenwriter and director.

Matthew S (de) wrote: Flawlessly savage, beautiful and a completely unique vision that could never be realized but anyone that Herzog and his demented muse, Kinski. Required viewing. WRATH is one of the most important films in cinematic history.

Madeleine M (kr) wrote: could have been just as good a film, if not better, without all the suspense/stalker shit.

Sunil J (br) wrote: Pretty shitty. It was basically softcore gay porn with a Poe theme. Kinda liked it as a background movie though but Madeline Usher was not well cast at all.

Michael K (nl) wrote: It's a good film, though the ending is... intriguing. It's kinda one of those films that seems to be boring but actually aren't. The acting is great too.

David B (ru) wrote: Scarey, disturbing horror film. Peter Walker made a series of unconnected horror films in the early 70s this being arguably the best. Great atmosphere and surprisingly gory for the era. A must for horror addicts