Santa Claus Has Blue Eyes

Santa Claus Has Blue Eyes

Daniel needs some money to buy a duffle coat that is in fashion, so he agrees to work for a photographer by dressing up as Santa Claus. He discovers that it is much easier to meet girls ...

Daniel needs some money to buy a duffle coat that is in fashion, so he agrees to work for a photographer by dressing up as Santa Claus. He discovers that it is much easier to meet girls ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leong C (de) wrote: Good conversation flick, character development, despite the slow pace...

Derek M (fr) wrote: Certainly well made and certainly interesting.

Wes S (ru) wrote: After 20 years of Puppet Master movies, it's hard to believe that Full Moon actually came out with a sequel that's pretty cool. Linking up to the beginning of the first film but continuing with an interesting and rather emotional story. The worst thing in the film had to be the acting. It's probably the best story so far in this franchise, although the Puppets don't make too many appearances in this film. The opening title graphics were pretty cool too. It has an open ending, but hopefully it won't be left open for long.

Garrett M (de) wrote: A really gory but fun zombie film.

Tilde M (au) wrote: I watched this without knowing it was based on a manga (that I have in fact read). From what I can remember it follows the story quite well and all, and it was pretty sweet at times. The only thing that bothered me was that one of the actresses had a laugh that sounded a bit fake at times (but she was very charming in lots of other ways) and that the movie quality felt raw, that they hadn't added any filter or colour correction at all. Overall, a sweet and pretty good movie.

Ryan M (mx) wrote: This is a seriously well made adaptation of a Shakespearean classic. Irfan Khan is absolutely fantastic as Maqbool. He has the rare gift of subtlety that is severely lacking in Bollywood, and appropriately enough this is NOT a Bollywood movie. Having an elite cast also helps, Om Puri, Nassuredin Khan (also very non-typical Indan actors) doesnt hurt either. Finally a stand out performance from Tabu as "Lady MacBeth"...I had no idea indian actresses had this kind of talent. She basically brings my worst nightmare to life by playing an intelligent, sensual, manipulative, ambitious succubus to such a degree, I'd put her performance as "Lady Macbeth" up against anyones. The muscial dance number at the beginning of the third act was really unnecessary, but aside from that...quite well done.

Nick I (de) wrote: Love Jack Black and love rock music so turns out to be a classic

Xander V (ag) wrote: Almost cried at the end. I demote this to 4 stars because there are some gross out scenes not to my liking.

Luis S (ru) wrote: Really screwed up movie that doesn't really achieve what it's trying to. The director is a much more interesting person and has some funny stories that I would love to see cone to life on screen. Unfortunately this one doesn't really work. Disappointing flick.

Nick M (fr) wrote: When it comes to disturbing Japanese exploitation pictures, I prefer them to be more violent than sexual. However sexuality is a key selling point so the depravity is balanced . 'Tokyo Decadence' unfortunately is all unsettling sexuality with a weak story and a pisser of a resolution.

Vicente G (es) wrote: I'm getting to old for this sh*t.

John B (kr) wrote: Unnecessary (s)equal to Rocky Horror. Feels very familiar to RH, same type of songs written by Richard O'Brien. Not horrible, but not great either.

Jim H (us) wrote: Not one of Clint's best. Little too hard to follow, and not many characters were the kind you root for.

Shane C (gb) wrote: Very funny, great comedy that actually represents real life relationships where everything is not just a perfect romance. Most movies tend to be either all about love or all about breaking up this one is both and it does it well.

Joey S (us) wrote: Not a terrible movie. Don't know what else to say

Cody R (fr) wrote: The movie is fantastic up until a little more than halfway through when the X-Men show up, but I'm a sucker for a Phoenix storyline, so.