Santa Claus Versus the Zombies

Santa Claus Versus the Zombies

The story of a suburban family that finds themselves barricaded in their house following the outbreak of the Zombie plague. Along for the ride are a couple of elves and an actor that just might be the real Santa Claus. In the meantime, the President and his military advisers are holed up in a bunker feverishly trying to hatch a plan to rescue Santa and the desperate family.

"Santa Claus Versus the Zombies" tells the story of a suburban family that finds themselves barricaded in their house following the outbreak of the Zombie plague. Along for the ride are a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken T (es) wrote: They should have stopped after the first one...

Ronald B (mx) wrote: really touchable....

Greg (es) wrote: Far too much like Conan the barbarian where evil men attack a village and slaughter everyone except a small boy and after witnessing his entire family slain he grows seeking vengeance for their deaths. If you don't mind subtitles then it is entertaining enough, try to avoid the dubbed version as it is pretty lame..

Dan A (fr) wrote: This is a slow burner, but I like those. If you lose concentration for just a minute you'll miss a lot of detail. That's both a positive and a negative; on one hand the film doesn't treat the audience like children, which is rare, but on the other hand it can be a bit of a hard nut to crack at times.Thought provoking film though, I was thinking about this for a few days after seeing it.

Ceph J (au) wrote: Juliette Binoche says, "Damage people are dangerous. They know how to survive." What a great line and theme to illustrate how we can never heal from pyshological pain. Binoche does well with a role that in a thriller would be a femme fatale. We understand her need to be free and be on her own terms but we can't forgive her for seducing her future father-in-law. That's Jeremy Irons who's perfect at playing upper class gentlemen with moral issues much like his Oscar-winning role in "Reversal Of Fortune." Rupert Graves plays the son sweetly. Miranda Richardson is fierce as Ingrid, the neglected wife who's dutifully keeping her marriage and family intact. Leslie Caron shows up as Binoche's mother, like a fortune teller in a thriller, to warn Irons and Binoche about their sex-craved lives; Caron looks good and is a joy to watch. Graves says that "having family roots without passion" is nothing. That's another great theme of the movie. David Hare does a wonderful job with a lean script and I'm an admirer of director Louis Malle. Though we could do with one or two scenes of the Iron's character explaining his personal motives, this is a well made movie worth remembering.

Cody M (nl) wrote: So cinematic, so silly, so devilish, so De Palma!

Eric R (de) wrote: Film buffs of a certain age range probably remember the wonderfully eerie box artwork to the obscure Candadian Nazi ghost film "Death Ship" lurking on a shelf at their old mom-and-pop video store. This artwork burned its way into my memory and for years I have been dying to hunt a copy down. More recent horror flicks like "Ghost Ship" that blatantly ripped off the poster artwork and even storyline only wetted my appetite to lay my eyes upon this highly sought after Candadian "classic". Thanks to Scorpion Releasing, one of the leaders in unleashing highly sought after cult classics on DVD and Blu-Ray, I finally have it in my hands and able to see if the film lives up to its amazing poster artwork. The film opens with a luxury cruise liner packed to the brim with rich snobs getting rammed by a ghostly black vessel in the middle of the ocean (though all the sediment in the water proves it was close to the shore). After the vessel sinks only eight people remain alive and are forced to take refuge on the ghastly ship that is ominously overlooking their life raft. It doesn't take long for them to discover that the old ship is completely deserted yet it seemingly runs by itself. To top it off a series of bizarre events start occur as if the ship wants its new crew to stay with it forever... and ever... and ever.The plot is simple yet increasingly warped, very "Twlight Zone"-ish in its approach. As the film moves along it gets increasingly unsettling and grisly before coming to a climax that is literally, head on. Most of the film takes place on the rickety vessel and it is an unpleasant setting that feeds the ghostly atmosphere wonderfully. Director Alvin Rakoff, a new-comer to the horror genre, handles the genre well with his raw style utilizing hand held cameras and odd angles to add some well needed manic feel to the situation (especially during a memorable sequence involving a shower of blood).The slow pacing of the plot however kills many of the scares. Lots of shots of pistons pumping in the engine room aren't scary; no matter how many times the filmmakers decide to show them in order to pad out the running time. Thankfully the film does eventually build up to an interesting reveal of what went on upon the vessel so many decades before. The film's obvious low budget shows its flaws when it comes to the ship crashes (consisting of off-putting editing mixed with stock footage) and some silted dialogue. I also was annoyed by the ghostly German voice speaking orders to George Kennedy but thanks to no subtitles the audience has no idea what the ghost is saying (though a special feature on the recent DVD release does reveal this)."Death Ship" has had a dire reputation over the years but it doesn't deserve such a bad rap. Sure it has plenty of flaws but for a "haunted house on the ocean" plot it's not bad at all. The frenetic direction, professional cast (including the Marlon Brando's of B-movies Richard Crenna and George Kennedy) and dreadlike atmosphere makes "Death Ship" well worth seeing for horror nuts. A special thanks goes out to Scorpion Releasing for making this lost "classic" available for the first time in America on DVD and Blu-ray.

Calum B (es) wrote: I'm a huge fanatic of Gene Kelly, and I am also a huge fanatic of Frank Sinatra, and I was excited about seeing this movie because I love them both, nothing more, nothing less! And now here is my review, this movie is totally brilliant; Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra are very great together! This musical movie from the year of 1945 really delivers to us what it promises, it promises us some great music, great singing, great dancing, great acting, and overall, some very big laughs! Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra were especially fabulous in this movie, they are just about fabulous together in any movie, they could dance, they could sing, they could act, they could do just about anything! All in all, this is another very great musical comedy movie that is really worth watching and enjoying! I know that I enjoyed every single second of this movie; I was just laughing and laughing all the way through it! What I really loved about this movie was the scene where Gene Kelly was dancing with Jerry Mouse, because that seemed very strange to me, a live action man dancing with a cartoon mouse, but hey, I also thought that it was very remarkable and well done! I just love the sequences in which live action characters and animated characters actually meet, because though it seems strange to me, it is also very remarkable, because it is a remarkable piece of work to make animated characters and live action characters meet!You've got to see this movie if you haven't seen it already, because you are going to be enjoying every single bit of it, you are especially going to love this movie if you are a huge fanatic of both Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, because they are totally remarkable together! So overall, I would advise that you see this movie, because you are totally and completely going to love it!

Jackie M (ca) wrote: IT was FANTASTIC. I <3 Gene Kelly and Judy Garland! Great love story.:D

Kurt M (ca) wrote: Possibly one of the worst science fiction films ever made, this blatant attempt to copy the success of "Star Wars" features some truly awful performances by Caroline Munro, Marjoe Gortner, Christopher Plummer, David Hasselhoff, and a number of other actors who should have known better.In spite of the mediocre editing, terrible writing, poor directing, and incredibly bad special effects that look like they were done on a $1.98 budget, the film is such cheese that it's almost (but not quite) a pleasure to watch. Just don't listen too closely to the dialog or think too much about the enormous holes in the plot or you'll want to give yourself a lobotomy with a grapefruit spoon.