Santa Claws

Santa Claws

A young man finds his divorced mother having sex with a man in a Santa Clause hat and shoots them both dead. Years later, now thinking he is Santa Clause, the man develops an obsession with an erotic horror film star named Raven and begins stalking her.

A B-horror movie actress is stalked by a deranged fan bent on claiming her for himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blake P (de) wrote: "God Help the Girl" is a precocious, forgettable indie band metamorphosed into a precocious, forgettable indie movie musical, so cutesy and so impressed with itself that we almost hate ourselves for experiencing moments of weakness in which we actually like it. Because, in essence, it is a likable film - it's a twee toe-tapper of a movie that does more good than it does harm. But it's too long, too facile, and too unsure of its tone to really stick with us. It might have worked better had it been thirty minutes shorter, had it avoided quasi-tragic storyline, and had it been directed and written by a veteran filmmaker and not a musician looking for a different way to express himself. The man behind "God Help the Girl," of course, is Stuart Murdoch, a musical legend famous for his influential work with Belle & Sebastian, a beloved pop rock band whose songs have the classic ability to draw even the most jaded of a listener in. I'm only vaguely familiar with their music - I've listened to a couple of their tunes once or twice, never to go overboard in my zeal - but I'm appreciative and aware of Murdoch's skill. To write and compose infectious musical work is a gift only few are given, and Murdoch does much with it. Belle & Sebastian's long lasting popularity is not just a result of luck. That being said, Murdoch is not as apt of a filmmaker as he is a songwriter. Though "God Help the Girl" has a certain sort of bright spark reminiscent of Godard's most joyous 1960s works - it has a way with unforced cool and is cast terrifically - you can feel inexperience dripping from its celluloid skin. The plot never quite cohesively comes together (are we watching an optimistic musical or a poignant teenage romantic drama?). The staging is sometimes contrived. The dialogue leans on the more stilted side of things. And yet I find it hard to completely write it off, as its soundtrack is sprightly and its performances are convincing even when the film isn't. "God Help the Girl" is messy and imperfect and self-conscious. But it has its moments of inspiration, and they count. The film concerns Eve (Emily Browning), a recovering anorexic teen who dreams of one day becoming a major pop artist. Intrigued by the music scene of Glasgow's West End, she eventually becomes acquainted with James (Olly Alexander), a promising songwriter, and his friend Cassie (Hannah Murray), a burgeoning singer with a honeysuckle voice. A short while later and they're friends sharing a seemingly unbreakable bond, soon deciding that their individual musical talents could be best put to use in the form of a rock band. The prospects are good - everyone involved has more than just a little charisma - but problematic (and forever creeping around) is Eve's past: an eating disorder is simply not something you can walk away from and expect to recover from instantaneously. And, unfortunately, "God Help the Girl" has a hard time recovering from that aforementioned plot line, too. It would have worked charmingly had it directly been a movie about teenagers aspiring to be the "next big thing" in the music industry. But because it's sidelined with an extremely serious subplot, it never quite reaches the euphoric levels it could; Murdoch has all the right moves in mind, but isn't quite adept enough of a filmmaker to pull off portraying a grave subject matter while making everything else gleefully French New Wave in texture. But the cast is believable enough to ensure that his shortcomings aren't too apparent: Browning, in particular, gives an exceptional performance as a struggling talent who also happens to possess a remarkable voice. So "God Help the Girl" isn't entirely a success. But with a great soundtrack by its side, it's a movie musical that has plenty of loveliness to pass around. I can dig it - to a point.

Steven R (us) wrote: One of my favorite faith based films. This one hits all the right notes.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: "It's never to late, son."-Wayne (Robert Devall)Same old song and dance, only Jeff Bridges is at the reins"One day at a time."-Otis "Bad" Blake (Jeff Bridges)

Rhys F (gb) wrote: Not the film I was expecting, but none the less engrossing. Most of the action takes place outside of Water Polo, but solid characterisation and real life tragedy ensures that the film doesnt go off the rails. A fascinating step into a little discussed area of WWII history.

Timo S (fr) wrote: The film offers thrill and action, but also some moments where the two villains are contrast each other brilliantly: the silent hitman (Rourke) and the rowdy psychotic small time criminal (Gordon-Levitt). The final moments of the film echo the importance of the contrast: one doesn't make mistakes in what he does, while the other literally spills his bullets.The problem of the film is that where the villains are interesting, the couple they are after are not, which simply makes them rather flat and dull. Their dysfunctional relationship is not very well described to the audience, it doesn't really evolve, nor does it have any conclusion (one way or the other). I read they had to cut some material out in the Missouri part of the film, which probably would have that something that was missing from the characters. In this edition, they simply function as a target, but the characters aren't interesting.I think the plot isn't very original as it is more or less a hit gone bad, which leads to more head hunting. It could be better if the targets were more interesting. Nevertheless, I think Rourke and Gordon-Levitt make this film worth watching.

Anthony C (ca) wrote: It starts out weak but it gets increasingly interesting and unique. Shane West apparently was so accurate that The Germs reunited recruiting him as the lead singer and toured, i think that's pretty cool.If you like hardcore punk or real life unique character development then check this out.

Kris W (it) wrote: 'Four Cameras. One Take. No Edits. Real Time. '"Time Code" was shot entirely with digital cameras, hand-held, in real time. The screen is split into four segments, and each one is a single take about 93 minutes long. The stories are interrelated, and sometimes the characters in separate quadrants cross paths and are seen by more than one camera. This is not as confusing as it sounds, because Figgis increases the volume of the dialogue for the picture he wants us to focus on and dials down on the other three.

Cory B (au) wrote: damn this movie is raw one of the best ive ever seen

Remi L (br) wrote: OMG this is childhood FAVORITE!! I've seen it so many times I've memorized the lines!!

Altered E (au) wrote: The only thing sadder than Stephen King squandering any creative talent he had in this cocaine-fueled semi pileup taken movie form is that the director of photography lost an eye while filming it -and lost his career as a result. Having never read the source material (and blissfully unaware of the lives ruined by this flick), I had an absolute blast watching it. There's no explanation for any of the plot, no character development whatsoever, and generally no plot whatsoever. Just a lot of stupid characters dying in stupid, though quizzically not genre-blind ways. There's some unintentional laugh out loud dialogue, editing, and camera work. It's up there with the Shining and Shawshank as one of my favourite screen adaptations of Stephen King's work.

Grace D (gb) wrote: Excelente pelicula de Camus, trizte y desgarradora, una de las mejores peliculas espa?olas. Lo mejor es que la situacion que se refleja en esta pelicula se puede aplicar a otras culturas, el mundo fue asi, es asi, y seguira asi....

Leonard D (gb) wrote: Tony Stark is an enormous douchebag, but that's what most people like about him! This, I admit was a great launch to the Marvel cinematic universe, and boy did it pay off, or what!? I realized that I ended up enjoying this allot more for the second time it's been viewed in years! Director Favreau Once again brought us something special here, not just with memorable characters, but with an interesting origin story, and heart pounding action! Only wish that the rest of the cinematic universe didn't have it's fair share of mistakes which came along in the years afterwards.

Daniel C (mx) wrote: Hilarious in some cases but gets boring right after. Not close to Spielbergs worst but near there. Poor acting and bad story leads to a terrible film.

Steve G (ru) wrote: "Goldeneye" is a great action movie. This movie has a great plot, amazing acting and incredible action scenes. Another thing that makes this movie so great is the villain. In my opinion he is one of the best bond villains. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action-packed "Bond Movies". I give "Goldeneye" a 9/10.

Ethan H (it) wrote: Uninteresting and not creative thriller