Santa's Summer House

Santa's Summer House

A dense fog falls over Southern California, sending a group of discontent vacationers to a mysterious island occupied by a jolly old soul whose Christmas magic works all year round. Before this trip is over, each of the weary travelers learn to see their lives through a more optimistic lens. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

The film centers on the appearance of a dense fog in a house of a group of discontent vacationers which makes to change their life. What happens to them? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed R (mx) wrote: Shut And Play the Hits going to watch

Bill W (ca) wrote: If, like me, you enjoy watching smart people make decisions and generally behave competently, check this movie out. It's kind of like Zodiac, but without an actual narrative. I wish it went on longer and got into more detail.

Cory C (gb) wrote: Well lets say if you like sexy vamps killing Nazi's this film is for you. Oh wait it is still very bad..

Kristof S (br) wrote: seen better the killings are to quick

Berni E (mx) wrote: Very silly movie......but quite funny if you like Chris O'Dowd and Marc Wootton!!

Martin O (br) wrote: I can see allot of people that think they are cleverer than they actually are -thinking this is genius (Matrix ponderers). But it's essentially a whole film about nothing and the ride wasn't even that fun either.

Private U (gb) wrote: For a little indie movie, the acting is top notch. And story's not too bad either.

Andres G (mx) wrote: The stereotypical sports movie about a character which goes from glory to hell and back to the glory again.The story is OK, but nothing new. Crowe performs well, but it is not one of his best movies. Giamatti is great, as always but Zellwegger is too cheesy in her role.Just an entertaining movie without any more intentions.

Sean G (mx) wrote: Jessica Biel's hottness cannot cancel out my loathing of FPJ.

Chrissy L (ru) wrote: this is a funny / cute flick for the kids

Matthew S (fr) wrote: In my opinion, this is Robert Benton's finest moment as a filmmaker. An almost perfect film. Aside from the amazing work of his actors (particularly Sally Field) -- Benton almost casually captures the horrors of racism, sexism and human cruelty. What is truly elegant is that Benton allows in surrealism to demonstrate the unlimited capacity in human strength to receive / accept love, to give forgive and to retain not only dignity but hope. It takes a great deal of talent to communicate this hope without ever backing off the truth of reality. A must see.

Byron B (ru) wrote: Simple but powerful. Captain Arseniev is looking for a grave on a construction site in 1910. Flashback to 1902 when he and a group of soldiers are on a mission to map out the wilderness between Russia and China. The soldiers are a rowdy bunch. A hunter comes upon the soldiers speaking kind of broken Russian. The Captain welcomes him and offers him food. Thus begins the friendship of the Capitan and Dersu Uzala. Dersu is Gonli, or Mongolian. He has lost his family and lives in the woods moving from temporary shelter to shelter. The soldiers come to respect Dersu's tracking skills, his concern for all the "men" who live in the forest, and his skill with a rifle. The Capitan especially gains great admiration for Dersu's survival skills and spirituality. The wind, water, fire, sun, moon, plants, and animals are all "men" deserving of the same respect and concern as human men of whatever race. Through the seasons, two expeditions with different sets of men, and obstacles like getting lost on a frozen tundra, being washed down rapids, and facing a tiger the bond between the Capitan and Dersu is strengthened. Dersu has a beautiful understanding of the environment and also a joyful sense of humor. There are lots of wise quotes. The plot is slowly paced, but keeps a good steady rhythm. The images of nature through all the seasons are often breathtaking. Dersu is much older than the Capitan. He has so much knowledge, but when his eyesight begins to go what is a hunter supposed to do? The third act has Captain Arseniev with his wife and son welcoming Dersu to his house in the city. For a man who has lived his whole life in the hills the city is too constricting despite the still close bond between the two men. Kurosawa realistically immerses the audience in the story's time and place, but more importantly develops this magnificent friendship.

Steve W (mx) wrote: Preston's debut and a political satire, The Great McGinty explores crooked politics and dark ambitions. Its a bit on the low side with jokes, but this is Preston's first so that's forgiven. The players do a good job, so that's all that matters.

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Mandy P (de) wrote: Ugh. I'm sure it's a great film with wonderful performances. How nice for them. Want MY dollar? Dont preach to me.

Nathan W (de) wrote: Watched this back in 2001. Decided to re-visit it last night. I'm not saying this movie is great (in many ways, it's pathetic), but out of all the shitstorms Van Damme has been in, this one tops them all as his finest (in terms of his limited acting skills).

Ioana (it) wrote: They sure don't make them like they used to... Marvelous, I say!

Michael H (au) wrote: This movie had loads of potential and was actually a decent horror movie up until the end. That just ruined it for me.