Documentary about Santiago, a peculiar man who used to work for the director and his parents as a butler. The material was filmed in 1992 but, for some strange reason, the director felt he couldn't edit it and put it aside. In 2005 he remembers the unfinished film and starts its edition.

Documentary about Santiago, a peculiar man who used to work for the director and his parents as a butler. The material was filmed in 1992 but, for some strange reason, the director felt he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul P (br) wrote: A tough watch but ultimately a good one. The feeling of desperation from all characters is palpable and their fate is clear. A very angry film about Mexican drug trafficking and the effects on normal folk, glad I watched it....

Dominique N (mx) wrote: The Laws live above their shop at one end of a quiet Hong Kong street. Mr. Law (Simon Yam) makes the shoes; his wife (Sandra Ng Kwan Yue) sells them. They have two sons. The younger, "Big Ears" (Buzz Chung), is about seven or eight years old and our narrator; he's a troublemaker in school and likes to nick things out of it. Older brother Desmond (Lee Chi-ting) is an excellent student and athlete at a private English-language school. He's seeing a nice girl, Flora (Evelyn Choi). Money-wise, the Laws don't have much, but they have a roof over their heads. A typhoon threatens that, but it's what they discover afterward that shakes them more.The street that the Laws live on in Echoes of the Rainbow is a real place; it was actually marked for preservation rather than demolition after the film's success at the box office. What we're seeing in the movie, of course, is a bit of a fairy-tale version of the place, but Law isn't hiding that; he occasionally edits in snippets of home movies that show it as much more crowded and somewhat dingier. It's actually a nice effect, acknowledging that we're seeing the story nostalgically, from the perspective of young Big Ears, but also showing that the reality does not actually contradict his experiences.The story is small-scaled, taking place against a backdrop of Hong Kong in the 1960s rather than placing the Laws at the front line of well-known local events, with the possible exception of the typhoon (from the amount of destruction, I hope that was an exceptional case, as opposed to what Hong Kong's residents have to go through several times each season!). The economy's not great, the local corruption makes it worse, and certain tensions are causing those who can get out to do so. It's focused, not obviously striving to make the point that the problems facing the Laws are parallels for the ones facing the whole colony, but showing a believable sample. There's something almost fitting about how Desmond's favorite song on the radio is played by the Monkees; the Laws aren't big-time enough to be represented by the Beatles.They're humble, but good company, if imperfect people. Buzz Chung is completely natural on camera; if he has a natural tendency toward mugging, Law holds him in check. In fact, for all that he's presented as an innocent and unspoiled character, he cries a lot and does other things that remind the audience that kids, when not being cute and awesome, can really be kind of annoying. Lee Chi-ting's Desmond is much more idealized - good at everything, friendly, and humble, although he's good at playing that humility as something of an inferiority complex. Simon Yam won his first Best Actor award for the father, and it is a very nice performance from the ubiquitous actor. He's harried and cranky, the kind of father that doesn't say "I love you" easily or directly, but whose emotion is clearly visible in his actions.There are lots of movies like "Echoes of the Rainbow", trying to balance gauzy nostalgia with more than a bit of tear-jerking melodrama. The viewer can see what it's doing as it's doing it, which will mark it as unsophisticated for some. It falls well short of tacky in that regard, though; a familiar story, but one told well.-JAY SEAVER

Jake C (kr) wrote: I'm not afraid of it.

Christopher M (nl) wrote: Half-baked concept that was on the verge of being interesting, bad execution, wasted talent. Zach Galifianakis is great, and reveals a side of him we rarely see, but the production does not do him or the other actors justice. Although it's badly cast, the actors hold their ground and do a decent job with cruddy lines. The movie is trying to do something too intelligent for its budget, shoddy writing, and even shoddier editing. This movie is not careful enough for it's subject matter. Only watch this if you want to observe how a good idea can be wasted.

Ray J (gb) wrote: This one was well done and well made. It gave thoughtful insight as to what's been going on in Iraq. I would recommend this one.

Matt L (br) wrote: This movie sucked. It was hilarious. If you want to know what a good example of bad editing/story/dialogue is.. watch this movie.

Lacy A (gb) wrote: i couldnt belive how sucky this film was...the concept was good but it dragged on for it felt like 3 hours!

seen g (ca) wrote: Yall are brutalizin me!!

Adrian B (it) wrote: In an extremely remote town in the desolate plains of Hungary, a young man (Lars Rudoph) fantasizes about a weird phenomenon that is about to descend onto his town. He spreads the strange enthusiasm around his workplace and home, only to be rejected by everyone for his thoughts. Then, a trailer with torso of a whale shows up, and flocks of men surround the trailer, expecting some sort of show to accompany the bizarre exhibit. They, along with the town, got more than they bargained for. This film certainly portrays the Hungarians as poor, lonely, hostile, and pitiful people and sadly they are right. Seeing as a I am half Hungarian and have been to the nation, it seems fairly potent to me as the nation's citizens severly lack significant social etiquette (not to say that I don't either but this nation seems significantly anti-social compared to the other I have been to). Disturbing, haunting, and interesting chronicle, very nicely filmed in black and white to add grand effect!

Christal D (ag) wrote: This is one of my favorites!!!

Brandon B (ca) wrote: I enjoy a little psychedelic films once and a while.

Gabi B (mx) wrote: As the movie about a bad guy fighting for a right cause it's not good. But somehow it has its own charm. Especially seeing young Pearce. Plot is not bad as well but I was disappointed with acting.

Mark F (br) wrote: a darkly power film , done by a powerful director .

Jack G (kr) wrote: If anyone doesn't get some kind of reaction from the face of Jeanne Moreau in action then you may want to check your brain functions. This movie was hot (for all the non-pornographic reasons it needed to be) for 1958 and it's still hot for today.

Andri A (ca) wrote: A story about a rock musician who tried to rise from her downfall & her erotic love tale, a decent thriller...

Tommy K (au) wrote: The story and the animation are just beautiful, but the characters aren't exactly the most likable Pixar has ever delivered (no pun intended). Still a great Pixar masterpiece in my eyes.

Denise P (kr) wrote: Loaded with realistically humiliating slapstick but bolstered by some real heart underneath the raunchiness, American Pie is a genuine take on sexual exploration, high school paradise and friendship between lifelong buddies.