Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters

Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters

Bruno Halder a sinister scientist seeking revenge against his brother and niece is resurrected by Waldo his faithful sidekick. Besides his minions of zombies Halder enlists the help of Wolfman, Franquestain, a Vampire, a Mummy and a Cyclops. Once again the survival of mankind is put in the hands of Santo

To foil his plan for world domination, wrestling superheroes El Santo and Blue Demon battle the mad Dr. Halder and his army of reanimated monsters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (kr) wrote: Thanks Michael Douglas for making this an enjoyable movie to See , sorry Keaton but i would leave the place where you were singing after 2 songs ...sleepy songs from a nanny . But lovely movie doh .

George P (ca) wrote: Was this movie really necessary? And if so, why Larry the Cable Guy? Why were some of the scenes shot so horribly with wide angle lenses and made the picture distorted? The story was weak enough that Larry fit the role, however this sequel falls way short of the original.

Jesse O (it) wrote: Not a half bad movie to be honest. Out of this and Stalled, I'd say that Stalled is slightly better than this one. Though, out of the two, this is definitely the more consistently comedic of the two. It's not a great movie, by any means, it's not even a good one, but I do think the film has a solid enough cast, for a low-budget horror film. Not that the low-budget should mean that the cast isn't good, but you know how it is in horror films. The film doesn't really do anything unique with the zombie genre, it's fairly straightforward and predictable, but it's a perfectly decent little movie with some funny moments. The funniest bit would definitely have to be when Craig and Jerry get into the argument about The Godfather Part III. These motherfuckers have a moral dilemma about what to do with the zombie they took to the cabin, one of their other friends that got infected, and they get into an argument, that ends up physical, about whether or not The Godfather Part III sucked. It was honestly absurd, since I wasn't actually expecting it at all, but I thought it was quite a funny scene. There's also the running gag of one of the characters being naked, or half-naked rather, and zombies and other people ripping off his clothing all the time. It's not great, but it works in small doses. There's not that much in the way of gore, but the movie is definitely elevated by a fun cast. I do think, however, that the film has some definite pacing issues. Like everything with Jerry and Tom before they get to the cabin for the final 'showdown' is a little bit laborious to get through. Craig being stuck in the cabin with Lance is also not that interesting, to me. I mean there's some real funny commercials/TV series they show snippets of for color blindness and a noose for the suicidal, really, that are some of the other comedic highlights of the film. But the movie definitely drags a bit, because I think this is an 80-minute movie stretched out to 90 minutes. It might not seem that bad, but those ten additional minutes absolutely slow the movie down. This movie reminds me of other low-budget zombie films like A Little Bit Zombie and there was another one whose name I cannot remember, but both those films were considerably better than this one, especially the former, which was a really damn fun film to watch. Not what I would call a good movie, but I definitely think that it overachieves. It's got a solid cast and a fun tone to carry it through its flaws. I mean they're still noticeable, and they do end up hurting the final product, but it's not like it kills the movie dead, pardon the pun. With that said, this is a decent movie at best. I wouldn't recommend it, but you can do far, far worse. Worth a watch if you have nothing else to do and have seen next to every horror movie that Netflix has available.

Don W (ag) wrote: It will never win an Oscar but it definitely brings out the 12 year old in me. Funny, sweet, silly, loved the Gorilla!

Rendan L (ru) wrote: Valhalla Rising sucks you into its visually striking world with ease but can't hold your attention for long due to a noticeable lack of substance. Grade: C+

Rasmus C (es) wrote: This is a movie with a genius and extremely complex storyline. A bit to complex for me. Be prepared for something very complicated and confussing if you intend to watch this movie.

Ritesh P (es) wrote: I know people who would react like this if locked in the same room.....

Robert C (ca) wrote: marvelous film, warm and leaves you with a happy feeling. this is a powerful film. a must for any Bullock fan.

Jon C (gb) wrote: I remember seeing this on TV when I was a kid yet I didn't remember a lot of itI only recalled that it involved a bunch of evil ghosts coming back to haunt someonebeing based on a short story by Stephen King this is a crazy story about the past returninga boy and his brother were terrorized by bullies on a train track and as a result one of them died27 years go by and the younger brother has grown up, has a family and has a teaching job but all isn't well as the bullies come back to exact terrible revengethe makeup effects showing the ghosts as being benevolent are freaky although its the only time this movie comes to being remotely scaryeverything else is pretty typical but Stephen King knows how to prey on the innocent, the past never dies as it turns outit's all about facing what you cant keep running away from

Ruby D (nl) wrote: I believe that I have probably seen all the Lassie movies ever put out. Lassie movies are by far my most favorite movie. It is a clean, safe movie for family, friends and children.

Bryan N (mx) wrote: Peter Sellers was his usual fine self and now I know who Alice B. Toklas was. Ha! Great for those who lived through the 60s.

Annetta K (nl) wrote: After a long absence I've decided its time to update! Starting with most recently watched DVDs back to late 2007. 2/06/08 DVDs [Queens Birthday long weekend Factory Girl Again this was OK. Pretty good performances, script OK although it didnt really develop into anything much in the end. Yeah it was sucky Edie was used for media fodder and her life was messed up when she fell into the drugs trap. I think her story isnt a unique one - if your parents dont let you get to just be a child and grow up in a healthy environment it kind of sets you up to fall in your adult life. Edie threw herself into the pitfalls cos she didnt know any other way. Shame. Maybe these people serve a purpose in life which is to live life but dont burn up and fade out too quick. Some people survive from sheer luck and others just know when to step away from the fire before getting burnt.

Jim S (gb) wrote: Despite all the great actors chewing up the scenery here, this film proves to be a lurid tale that descends into violence. Although William Friedkin used to be one of the great directors in Hollywood (think "The Exorcist" and the "French Connection", just to name a couple), I don't think that he really hits the mark here at all. It seems to lack any sense of humor (except for Thomas Haden Church, who also hits the comic mark).

Pablo C (fr) wrote: Kubrick, Kubrick, Kubrick!

JuanKa P (ca) wrote: Los personajes de Peanuts vienen en una nueva pelcula en la cual Charly Brown tratar de dejar su rol de perdedor a quien todo le sale mal, a travs de diferentes intentos, siempre con el objetivo de impresionar a la chica nueva, una nena pelirroja, muy linda que tiene muy enamorado al bueno de Charly Brown. Con la ayuda de sus amigos y el infaltable Snoopy, Charly intentar acercarse a la chica quien no solo es su compaera, si no tambin su vecina.