Santo contra Capulina

Santo contra Capulina

Calpuina is a night-watchman in a wharehouse, a perfect job for him. When some thieves break in and steal some crates, El Santo is after them because they are using the wharehouse for ...

Calpuina is a night-watchman in a wharehouse, a perfect job for him. When some thieves break in and steal some crates, El Santo is after them because they are using the wharehouse for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois P (it) wrote: very sweet story, with the lovely Matt Zeremes who plays in "holding the man"

Tania B (kr) wrote: Let me put it this way... This was the only time I got out of a theater's room before the movie session was over. And this is how bad it was. Need I say more?... Please, do yourselves a huge favour and avoid this piece of crap. Trust me on this one. You do not really want to spend 105 minutes of your precious time looking at a guy searching for a woman with yellow pubic hair.

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Harpreet S (ca) wrote: At some point in the movie, I realized "Duel in the Sun" is more on the side of showing a racist and sexist society instead of being a racist and sexist film. Some of the prejudice did bother me. It has a great cast: Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, and Lillian Gish. A Western obviously will show the landscape, but I think this one in particular is more keen on its story and characters. Peck and Cotten play brothers, the former is "bad," the latter is "good." Jennifer Jones' character Pearl is half White and half Native American, she is shunned from the beginning because of that, as she comes to live with the two brothers' mother played by Lillian Gish. The whole film explores Jennifer Jones' character which is chained with stereotypes; all she wants to be is a "lady," but there are instances where she gives in to her "trash" mentality. Rather than buying in to the film's prejudice (which would diminish a well made film), I tried to see Pearl in a different light, I think she is just a person who wants some sort of acceptance, she wants to be loved which is why she at times gives in to the renegade Lewt (Peck). Peck as a villain did surprise me, I think he does a hell of a job at it, he backs up his toughness by not even flinching if he has to shoot a blood relative. I think it's a better film than given credit for and it's also not terribly melodramatic. I've read that this was the first film Martin Scorsese ever saw and as I was watching its conclusion I realized it's one of the films Jean-Luc Godard talks about in his monumental "Histoire(s) du cinma."

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