Santo contra los asesinos de otros mundos

Santo contra los asesinos de otros mundos

Santo, the crime-fighting wrestler, battles an alien monster who is controlled by an evil madman bent on taking over the world.

Santo, the crime-fighting wrestler, battles an alien monster who is controlled by an evil madman bent on taking over the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (mx) wrote: Metaprotiens? A guy makes a serum which is supposed to cure burn patients, only the man he made it for tests it on him..SWERVE!! Anyways, they don't give him some of the stuff he needs so he eats rats and a dog and a man, and because the serum fuses to..umm..what he ate...then he became a man-dog-rat...Oh, okay. Felt like a sci-fi original reject, ouch.

Jennifer A (fr) wrote: [b]Chrystal [/b]is a southern melodrama directed by Ray McKinnon that fails to live up to it's potential despite an interesting premise. Twenty years earlier Billy Bob Thornton is fleeing from the cops with his wife Crystal (Lisa Blount) and son in tow when he tragically wrecks his car, severly injuring Cyrstal while his son's body is mysteriously never found. Joe (Thornton) returns twenty years later, wanting to make ammends with Chrystal while some of his old buddies try to lure him back into a life of crime. Chrystal still has sever pain from the accident, as well as psychological issues dealing with the loss of a child and the return of her husband. Unfortunately her character is so shallow that it's hard to have any feelings for her. The film also doesn't delve much into Chrystal and Joe's relationship together, spending more time focusing on the individual problems they have. An absurd side plot involving a blind university professor (Harry Lennix) researching folk music of the south adds nothing to the film. Somewhere there was a good story here, but McKinnon failed to deliver. [b]Rock School [/b]is a documentary about Paul Green's School of Rock. The real life Paul Green is not a particularly fascinating character. A failed musician who opened a school to live out his dreams through his students. Not so much different from the overly obsessive father who runs a little league baseball team. And Mr. Green's method of motivation is swearing and put-downs. Not necessarily a good thing for fragile teens and pre-teen students. It's still all about him, which why this film doesn't quite hit the mark. It's far more interesting when the focus is on the students. [b]The Assassination of Richard Nixon[/b] is based on a true story of a man who plotted to assassinate Richard Nixon. Sam Bicke (Sean Penn) is a salesman who's life is in shambles. His wife (Naomi Watts) has left him, he feels his boss (Jack Thompson) is out to get him, and he becomes even more frustrated when a small business loan he applies for is turned down. He feels oppressed by the system and vows to do one thing that will make people remember who he is. Obviously he never quite made it that far. Sean Penn does an adequate job playing a surprisingly dull would-be assassin, and Jack Thompson is a scene stealer as his boss, but the relationship with his ex-wife isn't developed very well, nor is his friendship with Bonny (Don Cheadle). Not a horrible movie, but one, like Sam Bicke, that can easily be forgotton.

Rob A (ru) wrote: A surprisingly dark movie and worth a look. Gets old fast though.

Mitch l (ru) wrote: Ace is back in action, this time in search of the sacred white bat. This sequel I can say is better done and actually funnier than the first movie. I laughed pretty good at parts. Just wish it was a tad shorter, but a good stupid comedy for sure.

Vincent P (au) wrote: Weirded me out... and I knew about the twist ending in advance.

Johnny T (us) wrote: Death on the Nile is a fine entertainment that is lovely to look at and easy to enjoy. Peter Ustinov is cast as the great Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot in this Agatha Christie whodonit. Following the format of "Murder on the Orient Express," the film introduces an eccentric group of people all with a reason to murder. The victim this time is Linnet Ridgeway (Lois Chiles), a self-satisfied millionairess. After she is shot, Poirot and his friend Colonel Rice (David Niven) begin checking out a long list of possible suspects. There's also Angela Lansbury's tipsy portrayal of a romantic novelist; Bette Davis as a stuffy and overbearing Washington socialite and Maggie Smith as her bitter companion; Jack Warden as an hysterical Swiss physician. Death on the Nile is a clever, witty, well-plotted, beautifully-produced and splendidly acted screen version of Agatha Christie's mystery. It's old-fashioned stylized entertainment with a big cast and lush locations. Peter Ustinov is the fourth actor to play Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot.VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)

Barb S (mx) wrote: Brilliant movie. Highly recommend. Benedict did such a fabulous job.

t w (mx) wrote: It's so entertaining and hilarious