Santo Versus the Vampire Women

Santo Versus the Vampire Women

A professor recruits a professional wrestler to protect his daughter from vampires intent on kidnaping her and marrying her to the devil.

A professor recruits a professional wrestler to protect his daughter from vampires intent on kidnaping her and marrying her to the devil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aephraim S (nl) wrote: Klapisch back in good form. Just a fairy-tale, but well made, and right when I started to worry they really were going to remake "Pretty Woman," they showed just how different a French fairy-tale is from an American one (I won't give away the last scene, but the only hero who triumphs in the end is an abstract concept close to the French psyche, not any of the characters). Think Wall Street combined with Officer and a Gentleman combined with Pretty Woman, minus the compulsion to make a happy ending, or really to tie up any loose ends at all, plus some sense of how to make a film stylish. Or maybe none of that makes any sense... just think it is what it is. And I guess if you want to try to read something deep into it, the heroine is named "France" for a reason after all. So perhaps think continental-style social democracy tilting at the windmills of Anglo-Saxon-style capitalism, knowing perfectly well that it's fighting a losing battle.

Andrew S (us) wrote: Ten times better than the recent "Beowulf" animated film, and it's _still_ shit. Granted, it's a tv movie/low budget crap. I guess my only questions are, 1) Since when did Beowulf have a freaking portable canon/grenade launcher?!?! 2) Why oh why, did Marina Sirtis appear in this film? 3) Will they ever make a damn Beowulf film that's even passable?

(ca) wrote: Cute movie. The pair of SRK & Juhi is really cute. I liked the songs. The only thing that annoyed me about Seema was that she believed everything Siddharth told her. I guess that's how the movie has to go so that at the end SRK playing the hero can save her. It was all cute but did get a bit annoying that she was getting played and that she allowed it. That aside it was a good romantic movie.

Ruhan R (au) wrote: I've never been a huge fan of the famous lawless wild west, but this movie was nice. I liked the smooth blending in of the Native legends and values, all of those opium scenes were great. Solid script and acting, well-rounded.

Welah L (fr) wrote: Seema Biswas' performance was superb, a movie not for the faint of heart, strongly recommend. A great portrayal of Phoolan Devi's violent and dramatic life...

Brendan N (au) wrote: Barker has a clear vision but the story was a little all over the place for me. I can see the draw for the fans but for others, it just can't hold the story or horror together. I clearly didn't hate it and applaud the vision.

Ttandc H (es) wrote: Another funny robin williams movie which got lost in time. Worth a watch for any fan of a good laugh.

ahmed salah s (ru) wrote: a movie deserve to see as long as you still alive

Andrew N (au) wrote: While it would have been cool to have been a documentary, this was just a compilation of interviews and performances. It was still awesome to watch one of my favorite bands rock.

Senor C (us) wrote: Man is this film homoerotic (@ least the first 3rd anyways). It kinda subsides once the boxing starts (you get a couple of scenes of hetrosexual action in the bathrooms). I liked the sequel more; it had Mr T w/ a genie lamp in it for crying out loud

Olivia P (nl) wrote: mario montez is the superist.

Dimitar A (nl) wrote: This movie had a potential which was not utilized fully and the religious component was way too much. I expected more dynamic performance from Scott Eastwood which did not happened. His career is yet to develop...

Greg W (it) wrote: well crafted WWII pic post WWII