Santos 100 Anos de Futebol Arte

Santos 100 Anos de Futebol Arte


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:soccer,   art,   centenary,  

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Santos 100 Anos de Futebol Arte torrent reviews

Bill W (de) wrote: Silly but entertaining light comedy not afraid to poke fun at itself

William D (it) wrote: Currently watching.....

Namir G (br) wrote: - Um. I think I just saw an underwater UV depth charge explosive...that then froze the water. We're stretching here...makin the tech research boys sweat.- Well. That was a horrible way to die.- Ew. The bullet just kinda...popped out of her head as she healed.- She keeps getting these flashbacks...which are terrifically helpful for me since this is like the 3rd movie and I don't remember anything from the first two other than how she looks in a vinyl bodysuit.- Best quote: "Question me less until you know a bit more."- Oh look. Kate's learned how to use lipstick!- Whoa. I did NOT see that coming.- Player 3 has entered the game.- Player 3 is a terrifying little child-woman. And just did something very, very terrible to a werewolf.- If a vampire is hemorrhaging blood, does it do any good to let them drink blood to heal? Apparently yes.- Well. That was a neat trick with the elevator.- In the spirit of the bigger hammer, if your head won't fit through the window, just make the window bigger.- Or, change from giant werewolf back to human and walk through.- Ew. I mean...damn. Also a terrible way for a werewolf to die. Kudos, creative writers.- Evanescence getting some love with a hip techno beat during the ending credits. I approve.

Hardy H (es) wrote: My review is almost a carbon copy of the last - Donnie is good, action is so-so, and the story has been done to death already in martial arts films - right down to the silly foreigners portrayed by terrible actors.

Greg D (es) wrote: This was decent movie. Its about a closeted college gay man visiting his eccentric family for Christmas. His boyfriend comes to visit, and it is basically a comic attempt to keep the truth out. This was a good movie with a lot of puns. It has has Adamo Ruggiero (Degrassi) who comes off as needy but still cute. My favorite characters were definitely the parents, especially the mother. A good movie to watch for a relaxing night.

Brandon B (us) wrote: This movie just sucked out of control. I'm beginning to lose faith in the Sci-Fi original movies that used to kick ass.

Joana C (mx) wrote: another example to prove that French film is not my cup of tea.

Jonas T (nl) wrote: The only thing good to say about this movie is the real life interview intercut was interesting, a real look into a serial killers mind

Enrique E (it) wrote: Nunca me aburrirn las "pelculas aburridas" de Godard. La foto y las tonaidades fras y ocres son la neta, se meten en la mente con la fuerza de la poesa.

sage m (fr) wrote: Lovely movie of romanticised self-destruction.

Noman S (br) wrote: Nothing else just an eye candy!

Robert B (fr) wrote: Gotcha! (Jeff Kanew, 1985)Amusing trip into nostalgia-ville (I realized about 3/4 of the way through I'd seen it back in the eighties) that's soured at the end by one scene, but is still kind of fun for all that. Anthony Edwards, who would later go on to A-list status in ER, plays Jonathan, a college-aged nerd (not much of a stretch; remember, his first big break was in Revenge of the Nerds the year previous) involved in a TAG-like game called Gotcha!. All well and good until, on a spring break trip to Europe with his pal/roommate Manolo (A Nightmare on Elm Street's Jsu Garcia), he falls in love with enigmatic Czech beauty Sasha (The Last Seduction's Linda Fiorentino) and gets involved in real-life spy stuff. Now I grant you, Dan Gordon's script is not one of his best. In fact, it's pretty awful, directionless and full of plot holes, and he hadn't quite figured out how to do a thriller yet (he figured it out somewhere down the line, because he was also responsible for the much better Wesley Snipes vehicle Passenger 57 in 1992), but the comedy bits are actually funny and it's at least watchably-paced, while Edwards, Garcia, and Fiorentino are solid actors who are just plain fun to watch onscreen. I doubt any generation other than mine, who were teenagers when this came out, would find it nearly as amusing as I do, though. ***

Phil H (nl) wrote: Terribly disappointing gangster film with Rourke and Shakur plus Brody, Levine and Donnie Wahlberg! great character actor cast...poor film.Not much to say really, the plot is nonsense and has Rourke as a Jewish con just outta the joint and living with his Jewish folks! in the mean time he deals drugs, does drugs and not much else really. Levine is his mental weapon obsessed brother who also lives at home and walks around in his Y-fronts all day, Brody is his other brother who is an artist and errr...they all somehow get by doing nothing, really I mean it, nothing during the whole film.Shakur is another gangster (yawn!) who lost his eye to Rourke whilst they were banged up together so he spends the whole film acting tough and trying to kill Rourke, boring, predictable and totally a waste of time, oh and Rourke co wrote it.

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Sean K (ca) wrote: The first Bond film to botch the series into camp. Luckily the film has Connery to fall back on along with the menacing introduction to Blofeld in the wings...