Cold-hearted and manipulative Kamla has fallen in love with a poor man and marries him and has a child named Santosh. She soon realizes that life is not fun living in poverty, and abandons her child and husband, and returns back to her father and his wealth. She re-marries millionaire Kailashpathi, and has a child named Kundan from him. Years pass by, Kundan and Santosh have both grown up. Kundan is the owner of the mill with his mom, while Santosh is a struggling mill worker, and a union worker. A confrontation ensues between the mill and the workers, and Kamla is able to negotiate a settlement and get the workers back to work, but fails to keep the promise. Santosh opposes this, and she sets her goons and Kundan against him. Santosh is abducted and held prisoner by Kamla and Kundan, and the only way he can be released is when he compromises with them.

Cold-hearted and manipulative Kamla has fallen in love with a poor man and marries him and has a child named Santosh. She soon realizes that life is not fun living in poverty, and abandons ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mario M (ca) wrote: Not the best screenplay and the plot is nothing too bright, but it keeps you engaged and Gwyneth's performance reminded me why she's one of my favorites.

Sam T (de) wrote: Another respectable addition to the contemporary struggling immigrants genre. This time, the dreams and desperation are not only depicted with clarity amongst adults but along with their children too.

Reilly J (nl) wrote: Worst Movies Ever Made Part 11 of 12, Anatomie de l'enfer (2004) (Anatomy of Hell) Okay this is just one of those overly pretensious French movies that you just wanna avoid. The critics consensus says it all, "Ponderous, pretentious, and -- considering the subject matter -- dull." It's about a woman who attempts suicide in a gay techno club, but is rescued by a gay guy who hires him to watch her in her iscolated house for four nights. He reluctantly agrees and does so. And over the course of these four nights they become attracted to each other and they then commence the fucking and take part in act so depraved as drinking a cup of tea expect substitute a tea bag with a used tampon! This movie just made me so damned sick! I didn't see any point to it apart from a silly message that all men (even gay men) want from a woman is her vagina and that men are just users of women! Just misandry I think! I don't have any problems with extreme depraved sex or unsimulated sex (yes there is REAL fucking involved!) I loved Salo, Ken Park, Shortbus and even von Trier's Antichrist because they actually had artistic merit backing them!! This film is totally fucking disgusting and unpleasant and is just ponderous and pretensious. I would recommend this to anyone, 0 stars! The only thing this is good for is for when you run out of ipecac! And by the way, I received some negative feedback about my Rambo review and I'd just like to assure you that if you see any artistic merit or in anyway enjoy it then I won't call you an idiot, I will however ask you to explain your-fucking-self! Sorry to anyone offended by the Rambo review

Mad M (it) wrote: Not worth watching. Nothing in it that makes it worthwhile. Discrimination and Gosling acting angry and intense, and that's about it.

Kathryn A (kr) wrote: A great, one of the best chick flicks!!!!

Ross B (de) wrote: Stylish, exciting thriller. A little bit too long but great turns by the two protagonists.

Spencer K (ca) wrote: assured and smart direction, a smart script, and an amazing performance from Gugu-Mbatha Raw transcend Beyond The Lights from its typical storyline to a way better than average thoroughly entertaining drama film.

Devon W (de) wrote: First Bigfoot movie I watched and actually enjoyed. Tired of cam footage, but genuinely creepy. The last minute however sorta ruined it for me. Worth a watch for the horror enthusiast.

Caleb M (gb) wrote: The Pawnbroker creates a stirring personal account of the Holocaust told through the memories of Rod Steiger's titular character. Unlike most "Holocaust films" The Pawnbroker doesn't use the tragedy to create an "important" film, but as a way to use editing as a means to express memory and it's personal connection to the present. Lumet's direction is understanded, refusing to draw attention to itself and just letting the story and characters breath. This is great early Lumet doing what he does best.

Ryan M (fr) wrote: Stunning! Who knew a film about mathematics could be so intriguing.