São Paulo, Sociedade Anônima

São Paulo, Sociedade Anônima

A man lives in conflict as he deals with his friends and love interests against the backdrop of São Paulo.

A man lives in conflict as he deals with his friends and love interests against the backdrop of São Paulo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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São Paulo, Sociedade Anônima torrent reviews

Gregory W (br) wrote: intense and powerful drama about a family looking 4 lungs 4 their daughter and 'organ tourism' in a 'babel'-like style

Mark B (au) wrote: Quirky and psychedelic. Brilliant! You Brits know how to make 'em!

Sally S (ag) wrote: bland and boring...although i do like paintings and such, this documentary didnt really go anywhere... and just for the record i would not use the word "genius" to describe this girl, same goes with "prodigy" (also bc i dont think she painted them)oh and the lady that bought 'ocean' is a dumbass! never buy a painting unless you absolutly love it! geez!

RaZae (de) wrote: they tried way to hard to make up the fact that it wasnt scary. u cant just add blood to make it scary!

Russ B (gb) wrote: 8/17/2014: Rhona is gorgeous, but this movies wasn't great. Very poor story and special effects without much good action.

Scott R (nl) wrote: An entertaining fantasy.

carly d (au) wrote: I love this film it's the best chick flick with Jennifer garner and Mark ruffalo

Ruochuan Marchi W (fr) wrote: Look at all those "CRITIC REVIEWS FOR DIE ANOTHER DAY". remember, this was the last Bond Movie about the true 007 movie you expected. the Last movie that has cool gadget. then all these experts give great score the the guy who doesnt have a facial expression. what a shitty website

Isaac C (es) wrote: Tony Randel tries to mimic the way Clive Barker directed the first Hellraiser and it feels forced and it doesn't work. Hellbound could have been just as good or even better than Hellraiser 1 if Tony Randel directed in his own style or if Clive Barker directed.

DeWeY 4 (us) wrote: "Sarah, I am falling in... to the pool with you!!"

Timothy B (de) wrote: Charming movie with an always outstanding performance by Bette Davis

Art S (de) wrote: Some might complain that Zardoz is half-baked but I declare that it is well and truly fully-baked. A true WTF flick before WTF was a glimmer on a larrikin's keyboard. John Boorman takes (ex-Bond) Sean Connery and deposits him in the future (2293 to be exact) where he is an uneducated ape-man, trained to maraud, rape, and kill in service of the god Zardoz who takes the form of a giant flying stone head. Yes, really. For reasons not initially explained (and by methods also withheld until later), Connery manages to get inside the head, kill the man he finds there, and enter the Vortex zone where a different class of humans lives. These half-dressed humans are young intellectuals who live forever - yes, they have found a way to eliminate death. But they are totally bored with everything and their society is fraying at the seams, with a few subgroups (apathetics and renegades) causing problems. Connery plays dumb, but he's not and he holds the answer to that future society's problems and indeed to our race's evolutionary future in the 24th century. The film looks pretty great and, although possibly pretentious (OK, definitely pretentious - and perhaps not entirely coherent), I found that it's totally bonkers over-the-top images and theorizing were to my liking. Uh, but it might not be for all tastes!

Luke H (ca) wrote: It was good. Nothing really special by today's standards.

Steven B (es) wrote: Although it won an Oscar for its admittedly lush cinematography, its staginess doesn't showcase Miller's mad skills behind the lens (see: "Razor's Edge"). Steeped in a doe-eyed American pretense, which becomes more "innocently" racist as time grinds on, this account of Anna Owens' tutelage in Siam is a flavourless Hollywood rice cake. However, Rex Harrison's strange child-like enthusiasm is kinda cute.

Graham B (ca) wrote: Not scary, but atmospheric with a great attention to detail with regards to set design and costume

Kyle M (nl) wrote: There were some moments of awkwardness in the writing and the performances, separately, when trying to match the epic scale of the bloated time while not offering a whole lot to be interesting to keep on watching. But the film done an overall job of showing decent justification of its Best Picture title by having the cinematography taking its time showing really nice views of Africa with the nice casted pair as our tour guides performing at their usual. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)