Sapevano solo uccidere

Sapevano solo uccidere

A Mexican gang headed by vicious Pedro terrorizes the land between New Mexico and Arizona. Jeff a youth whose father has been killed by Pedro seeks revenge.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spaghetti western,  

A Mexican gang headed by vicious Pedro terrorizes the land between New Mexico and Arizona. Jeff a youth whose father has been killed by Pedro seeks revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gbenga O (au) wrote: Three, true guitar legends :)

Riley M (it) wrote: I could honestly watch this movie every day. The absurdity of Pootie's language, and the nonsensical one-liners that obviously influenced later films like Anchorman.

Greg R (fr) wrote: I will say this, the beginning and ending of this movie is complete crap, however when it comes to the actual race and the chase scenes is total comedic genius, it's laugh out loud hilarious.

Karsh D (es) wrote: Truly awful. Totally pointless sequel as Damien's daughter continues where he left off.

Jon C (es) wrote: Julian Sands rules playing the titular villain; he's charismatic and doesn't wink an eyebeing a servant to the devil he's on a mission to bring about the end of creation for the worldbefore his execution he is transported to our modern world to collect the remaining pages of Hell's bibleluckily Redferne follows him from the 16th century and he teams up with a girl, Kassandra not any real scares but Sand's performance alone makes the movie so much fun seeing him use his otherworldly powersGrant and Singer play very well together both wanting to track down the warlock to each get somethingit's a bit more low-budget than it appears, still, Sands is the best part

Brandon B (au) wrote: Quite possibly the best movie about an ancient Mexican bird-lizard-god living in the Chrysler Building ever made. Plus, how many other films have both Richard Roundtree AND David Carradine?

Blais E (mx) wrote: The giddily & equally twisted sequel to Vincent Price's earlier Phibes chapter, here a high-camp account of his travels to Egypt where he seeks the legendary "River of Life" once utilized by the Pharoahs, to bring his still quite-dead wife, Victoria, back from the Netherworld. He is met with interference by a rival, the unscrupulous Biederbeck (The always-entertaining Robert Quarry, fresh off his juicy portrayals of "Count Yorga, Vampire"-), who also seeks the River to prolong his life. Needless to say, Phibes easily dispatches of the various members of Biederbeck's party, this time using creative, Egyptian-themed murders. While the story is simplistic, Price again hams it up to the hilt; if you enjoyed the first Phibes-Phable, you'll certainly have no complaints with its worthy follow-up.

TJ B (au) wrote: Mad Max was a B-movie that came out of Australia as well... people giving the poor reviews need to lighten up a bit - this film was a nice mash up of other stories...and ended up with its own flavor at the end of the day...memorable and a solid B for me - since I appreciate the B-move genre.

Patricia N Jerry E (kr) wrote: love this move funny and great music

Thomas S (mx) wrote: This war film directed by the one and only great Stanley Kubrick gives what Winston Churchill calls an accurate portrayal of the war and life in the trenches. Kirk Douglas gives a grand performance, as do the other supporting cast. I won't give too much away but this film is very powerful and I really recommend watching it!

Daniele C (es) wrote: Revolutionary8/10 Review from Italy.

Brian C (fr) wrote: Very enjoyable and a great premise. Sure it devolves into the usual attractive people running from the undead, but leading up to that it was a great story. Some interesting characters too.13 Eerie was fun despite its faults.

Rick R (br) wrote: Gorky Park (1983)I was always a big fan of Martin Cruz Smith's mystery novels about the Russian police inspector Arkady Renko. I rushed out to see this movie and was sorely disappointed in it. It's an alright movie, but it really wondered-off from the original book. There's a little too much Reaganesque propaganda in this movie.Three bodies are discovered buried in the snow in Moscow's Gorky Park. Their faces have been removed to hide their identity. Arkady Renko (William Hurt) and his investigative team are on the case. The book is an excellent police procedural, very much like the CSI television series, following various leads while dealing with socialist bureaucracy, and diminished resources, like when their old, beat-up Zhiguli breaks down trying to follow a suspect in a Mercedes.The movie sort of comes off like these guys are ultra paranoid of their government, when in actuality, they're pretty high up on the food chain, and the sinister forces are more the American capitalist, Jack Osborne (perfectly played by Lee Marvin). Sure the police suspect KGB, but there are a lot of other potential suspects to go around including a beautiful girl, Irina Asanova (Joanna Pacula) and even a Russian-speaking American cop William Kirwill (Brian Dennehy) who's investigating a Sable smuggling ring.The audience was really robbed when the movie didn't show Renko going to the U.S. to retrieve his valuable cargo. It was a nice effort for the time, but they really could have done better with this. Still it's worth watching when it comes on TV.

Pauly G (au) wrote: omg so funny almost pist my pants