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Raji K (br) wrote: Disney presents its next animation piece in Planes. Presented in the same universe as the Pixar's Cars series, Planes is the story of a crop dusting plane that desires to be the best racer in the world. He for some reason is afraid of heights, but still is quite ambitious. With minimal training he qualifies and begins the race around the world. This is the entire story as the 90% of the film covers the race. Planes is unoriginal, features terrible characters and fails to entertain audiences beyond children. The animation is solid, but aside from that the film is ripoff and was only made to cash in on the success of Pixar's cars.

Caitlin L (es) wrote: An interesting concept but just not executed well.

Adam P (br) wrote: Looks like Flixster has the plot synopsis (and cover art) wrong on this one, but whatevs. Amazing 6-ep miniseries from the BBC with James Nesbitt (Bloody Sunday) playing Dr. Jackman, a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde in a world where The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde still exists. Amazing performances to a twisting and turning but incredibly tight script by Stephen Moffat (Doctor Who), this is modern sci-fi at its most clever, and seriously recommended viewing for seekers of good TV.

Film C (fr) wrote: quite a hated movie! although it isnt original its not a terrible movie and is quite a good movie, it kept me entertained and interested in the movie and i thought it was pretty interesting. I enjoyed the story and its based on real events as well and i enjoyed the acting and writting of the script i think the movie showed how men are predujice and sexist when a women does a supposed male job that no women should do, and i think it projected that across brilliantly i really enjoyed the movie. Meg Ryan is brilliant and so is omar epps i love tony shalhoub in this hes brilliant as the horrible trainer businessman. Meg Ryan pays a women whose bossed about and finally gets the chances to take on a fighter for boxing but she takes a risk with an unsuspeciting surprise that turns to be a huge bonus, but will the fame get to her and will she continue to have the fighters best interests at heart? Funny in places and keeps you entertained and a real good emotional journey through the life of a women who gets everything good movie!

Jason B (ca) wrote: Greatest music related movie that I've ever seen.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: Okay, so this isn't exactly deep and life-changing. But it's cute, and sometimes that's more important. I really liked the dynamic between the two main characters, and I found the whole movie really entertaining.

King L (fr) wrote: Woody Allen searches for love, laughs and the meaning of life in this autobiographical film noir.

Greg W (it) wrote: based on a very popular radio show & after this pic spun off a TV version of this.

Alex S (ru) wrote: Was interested at first because on the poster it looked like it was some Z grade Expendables ripoff with Rutger Hauer leading a group of soldiers, then I found out it's some shitty post-apocalypse with the misfortune to have Stephen Baldwin in the lead part.The distributors definitely know that no one wants to watch that shit.

Tristan F (ru) wrote: Maybe the best movie ever made?

Brian G (us) wrote: I was disappointed by this movie. Felt it was a great idea, going dead see what's there and then coming back. But the afterlife they threw together was just a bunch of nonsense. Then they threw in some cheesy karmic balance. Great cast, but not that great of a movie....

Richard S (de) wrote: When I saw this movie as a kid..It Scared me. I think Doris Day does well in any movie she has done.

Evan W (fr) wrote: my favorite creature flick

Amy D (gb) wrote: Totally cheesy but fun to watch.

Mike S (au) wrote: My low expectations paid off. I really enjoyed this little Aussie film. It was funny and endearing. Great acting and an excellent script. And the best part was the closing song "Better Be Home Soon" by Crowded House.