Sara Akash

Sara Akash

A collegian becomes embittered after being forced to marry.

A collegian becomes embittered after being forced to marry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (es) wrote: well, i guess it's just so hard to make a film from this superb manga huh.. but, it's worth to watch though.

Craig B (de) wrote: Nice cinematography.

Sarah N (it) wrote: Who can't freakin' not love Beatrix Potter!? I grew up reading these stories and now I can watch them and enjoy them no matter how outdated the animation is!

Ricardo O (nl) wrote: It's a pretty decent sports movie. The plot isn't anything great but the camerawork and editing is quite good and worth watching for. The skiing scenes are excellent. Robert Redford gives a worthy understated performance as the egotistical skier and Gene Hackman is good as the coach of the American skiing team. Nothing great but worth watching once. Good ending too. Very influential on subsequent sports movies. 7/10

Orlok W (mx) wrote: This Film Is More Entertaining Than It Has Any Right To Be--Slick Vic, Snortin' Lee Plus Borgnine and His Pitchfork!!

Ned A (us) wrote: As Zom-Coms go, this is brilliant. I cannot see why people do not appreciate the satire of this film. Better than Zombies of Mass Destruction when it comes to brilliance of the genre as tool for social satire. Plus...wonderful one liners.

Alex A (us) wrote: Definitely my favorite film from Joel "Bat credit card" Schumaker, Phone Booth is a great thriller. The performances and casting is top notch with Colin Farrell delivering one of the best performances of his career, and Kiefer Sutherland's convincing portrayal of a psychotic sniper. Phone Booth is a fairly underrated, mono-location thriller that is paced well enough to never drag, it's genuinely intense, carries great performances, and in my opinion is very Hitchcock-influenced.

Facebook U (mx) wrote: Very good script following silly and greedy enough soldiers to think it could have hapenned. David Russell was inspired by some incidents of the sort in Vietnam and Iraq. The story is a bit eerie, a bit funny, a bit dramatic. Maybe more than a bit dramatic. At war, life becomes so much cheaper. We see how the murderous tendencies have a chance to be realized without much payback. The script is the main force, with many real Iraqis extras adding much veracity. It also has the nice arc of stupid/greedy soldiers turning heroic.

Linda P (nl) wrote: This horror movie was my most favorite of all in this category. i give it a big thumb's up! I also bought the soundtrack to it by Fastway.

Je M (mx) wrote: Scattershot but well-intentioned. Despite a story designed to tug the heart strings, it still manages to feel far removed from the horrors suffered by Sarajevans during the siege, overall packing less of an emotional punch than you'd expect.