Saraswati is indifferently raised by his step mother and yet he grows up and becomes a compassionate person who has lofty ideas and decides to do without his personal happiness without informing his father, who fixes his marriage to Kumud an educated girl from a rich family. Saraswati decides to cancel the engagement and writes to Kumud to inform her. But soon she replies and soon the two keep on exchanging letters. Soon Saraswati decides to defy the customs and pays a visit to his fiancée. The two soon serenade and a short lived romance takes place and soon Saraswati returns home after promising Kumud and her family that he would return. However, on his return a family feud takes place and Saraswati writes to Kumud that he is not able to marry her.

A man regrets his decision of refusing to marry the woman he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saraswatichandra torrent reviews

M C (de) wrote: Malick goes for poetry but forgets that a movie needs a plot. Thank God Olga is stunning in every angle because watching Ben mope around for two hours is quite heavy.

Manuel C (mx) wrote: Very enjoyable. Although it loses momentum in the end.

Sarah (de) wrote: I really was let down by this film. Usually after watching a movie I will want to explain it to a friend of mine, but this one...I honestly dont think I could explain. There are several themes that are touched on but then never fully explored or concluded. Some of the characters were entirely pointless. And dont even get me started on the ending. Sure, I could see why some people would say this movie is "realistic", but when I watch a movie I want one that actually leads to some sort of conclusion and where at least most of the questions formed are answered. This movie just left me somewhat bored and craving more answers which I never got. Disappointing. What did this movie teach me? Some girls are actually delusional.

Emily B (es) wrote: I'm curious about pretty much every SK adaptation

Private U (ru) wrote: This average mob-like movie jump started a ton of careers. It's worth a watch.

Rita F (ca) wrote: Snufs, han er jo sa fin... (hesten alltsa)

Crispin T (jp) wrote: Lots of simultaneous story lines keep the movie from falling flat;

Barton F (br) wrote: a really interesting film, mid point between what i consider classic and modern, with the line being drawn at "baby jane' for modern.

Vuong B (kr) wrote: everything about film is perfect.

Kevin M (au) wrote: Total immersive experience, Oliver Stone at his finest. Hard to imagine that a movie with Charlie Sheen in the lead role could be this good. Doesn't hurt to have 2 academy award nominated supporting actors (Berenger, Dafoe). Amazed and depressed at the same time after watching this.