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Sarath torrent reviews

Timothy J (ca) wrote: A really good movie. The plot went were I didn't think it would go. Interesting plot twists. Your in the edge of your seat at the end.

Rafael J (jp) wrote: An absolute epic, TDKR Part 2 gets everything right. Fantastically executed, darker villains, fast paced, and a Batman story line like no other, this movie is a modern animated classic.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: Much better than expected! Takes place almost exclusively in a third world prison and the acting/sets were so good that I could smell dirty Mexicans coming through the screen! This kind of reminded me of an extra long season 3 episode of Prison Break. The plot stayed focused and good amounts of violence ensues.

Sumit A (es) wrote: Not worth it in my opinion. Saw this right after Entre Nos, turned out to be similar but just not as powerful. Don't know what the high ratings are for.

Excelsior Y (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was good, it showed how people can overcome problems if they try hard enough and they have the correct support. -Debater #1 (Trouble) This movie showed a lot of current issues arising in the low income parts of Califaoarnia. Many teens have sucumbed to joining gangs because its easier to be in a gang with a bunch of other people that feel the same way than they do, rather than feeling all alone. -Debater #2 (Stellar) I really enloyed this movie because it hit alot of points that we had in our last debate. -Debater #3 This movie had alot of good lessons in it to remember throughout life, and a reminder to always keep your faith. Debater #4

Daniel M (nl) wrote: ?A strange, almost surrealistic thriller with an amazing lead actress. Even in the confusing narrative and action being limited almost exclusively to running, the movie comes together with an artistic expression all of its own.

Peter B (br) wrote: The cast is excellent but every other part of this movie is cheap. Robin Williams deserved better than this turd.

Giorgos V (ru) wrote: Galliki tainia pou thelei na to paixei amerikania teen-thriller movie. Malakioula einai vevaia alla vlepetai paradoxos. Ta poustrilikia tou fortigatzi ontos einai highlight

Dustin B (mx) wrote: Kind of a work of genius.

Endre V (es) wrote: If you love movies, you will love this film. Sentimental and wonderful.

Philip R (br) wrote: I wish I got a chance to see this movie on the big screen, but this film came out when i was in 4th grade and i was too young to see it. Eight years later, I watched it on TV and I loved it. What a damn good movie Starring Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin. Very Intense movie.

Spencer P (kr) wrote: Pulse-pounding, tear-jerking, and visually astounding; Ron Howard conducts this true astronaut story with speed, humanity, and grace.

Bruce B (kr) wrote: Figured I look at this one because it had the actors from Trinity is still my Name. Film Quality was real bad, It came from the Mill Creek 20 Movie Mean Guns Pack, Most of Mill Creek products seem to be ok, but the quality of this film Sucked. The movie itself was enjoyable, funny of course.

Alejandro R (nl) wrote: The only reason why I bothered watching this was because McFly are my favourite band, but I then the film started to grow on me and it was actually surprisingly good in some respects

Pit B (de) wrote: my all time favorite movie! !!!!!!