Documentary about Brazilian music circa 1969, with extremely rare scenes, such as the only color footage of Pixinguinha, images of João da Baiana, one of the fathers of Samba, Maria ...

Documentary about Brazilian music circa 1969, with extremely rare scenes, such as the only color footage of Pixinguinha, images of João da Baiana, one of the fathers of Samba, Maria ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saravah torrent reviews

Gene A (au) wrote: Very Good. If you have a child under 21. Must See

Gareth M (it) wrote: Who Do You Think You Are, In Welsh, Dressed as a Power Ranger, whist singing songs from his album "Candy Lion". Its interesting, if frequently a bit random, and wasnt sure about the 70's pop culture throughout it. It strikes me as being more a film for himself than for everyone, but still very good.

Jon S (us) wrote: Really sweet movieSome interesting insights (especially the religiously-based ones)Glenn Summers - I believe he cares about this daughter. Not every parent is like that. Instead of trying to make life 'easier' for her though, he should prepare her for the difficulties of life.

Long L (us) wrote: As far as documentaries go, given the subject material, I think this one did really good at explaining the societal changes that took place as a result of Deep Throat. Oddly enough, the movie probably wouldn't have gained as much popularity as it did if it wasn't for those that tried to stop it. If anything, they probably hurt their cause. Instead of focusing on one movie, the attention should have been brought to the industry as a whole. Even then, I can't really see an overall stop.The movie wasn't even intended to be a political or artistic. It only became that way when it was backed into a corner. When one's rights are being threatened, doesn't it seem like the law contradict itself to suit its needs? You're wrong because we say so now, but you're within the right because we previously said so then.

Guido M (fr) wrote: The first minutes of 21 Grams were the most confusing minutes of my life, as the movie begins with narrative jumps between the stories of these three people, Cristina Peck (Naomi Watts), Paul Rivers (Sean Penn) and Jack Jordan (Benicio del Toro), that get together because of a car accident, and you don't know what is going on, as the film plays with the timeline of the plot and goes from before the accident to after. But as the movie progresses, it comes together very smoothly, and then 21 Grams finds the perfect spot to end it all. Unfortunately, there is an hour and 20 minutes left still.21 Grams is an example of a perfect short film that was stretched into a full-length squandering. After the first 30 minutes, it fails to keep things interesting or even entertaining, but keeps shooting melodramatic hits at you like saying "Look at these people, their lives are so miserable". Worst of all, you sit through it waiting for a glimmer of hope in this despairing squalid wad.Of course, it's not all far gone as the characters in this film. The bleakness in 21 Grams is at times beautiful, mainly because of the masterful combination of director Alejandro Gonzalez Iarritu and cinematographer Rodrigo Pietro. Add to that a tear-jerking Gustavo Santaolalla Score and you've got yourself a pretty film. Then you get some nice performances from Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro, at times either a little too stiff or a little too exagerated but throughout very solid. And then the movie is an incurable mess.Everything, from the everlasting burden to the ridiculous runtime, I lost anything to hold on to, and when the credits roll, I was so happy, and promised myself never to sat through that depressing truss again.

Ryan T (ca) wrote: There's no good humor here.

Sonya P (kr) wrote: This was such a hot movie in it's day.... I recently watched it, still dramatic, but the funniest thing is the party in Jay's condo... (Randy Quaid) so funny... he was classic back then too! Cherie Curry, Jodie Foster and the mish-mash of teen idolsomethings. Some of the elements were so silly now that I am a parent of a teen.... rather silly I must say.

Ker Malkin G (nl) wrote: Didn't really do much as to tickle my fancy but I thought it was a good film.

Kaitlyn J (br) wrote: Really get you in the beginning. Then starts building up slowly and loses momentum.

Angie M (jp) wrote: Crushing on miles teller lately...