Ajay Rathore is a no-nonsense police officer from Mumbai Crime Branch. Long time ago his elder brother was killed by terrorists which caused him to quit his medical studies and join Indian Police Service. He is a great admirer of Pakistan-based ghazal singer Gulfam Hassan. During one of Hassan's concerts, they meet for the first time and become great friends. Meanwhile, Ajay's investigation into the Pakistan-supported cross-border terrorism takes him to Rajasthan and reveals an unsettling truth about someone close to his heart.

After his brother is killed and father severly injured by terrorists, ACP Ajay Rathore is transferred to Mumbai to eliminate a terrorist nexus that is causing havoc in the country. Will Ajay be able to succeed in his mission? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sarfarosh torrent reviews

Kurt F (fr) wrote: 12/19/15 This very much has the feel that it was adapted from a Broadway production. The story feels very generic at the beginning, and the acting feels over the top- pretty much like Broadway. The story does get a little deeper half way through or so. It was a fine film to watch as somewhat of a background distraction. Nothing earth shattering. I'm not a 4 Seasons fan, but everyone knows a lot of these songs and they are fun to hear on the big screen. So it was pleasurable, but there are better films out there.

Camilo d (fr) wrote: Me record en algo a Primer..... quizs por su bajo perfil y tema complicado pero claramente no alcanza el objetivo que la otra si. No convence y termina hundi (C)ndose en el agua de la pileta.

JuanKa P (kr) wrote: Accin-comedia. Con Mark Wahlberg es Michael Stigman y Denzel Washington es Bobby Trench, dos supuestos criminales que en realidad son agentes en cubierto el primero de la Armada de los Estados unidos y el segundo de la DEA. En un complicado caso que ellos mismos generan terminan involucrados con un cartel de la droga mexicano, la CIA, dobles agentes de la DEA y corruptos de la Marina. Muy divertida y con dos buenos actores

Santiago M (nl) wrote: Makes you feel like you are there. Great cinematography too.

Jon L (us) wrote: this is a slow-paced movie, but the end the messages stated by padd considine are very deep. i like the intertwining stories even though they don't seem to mesh well. but everything about the movie should be understood not directly, but from the undertones of everything about it. anyone know the name of the song in the end credits? i really like it and can't find it on the internet

(au) wrote: The perfect example of great actors doing it for the paycheck. Jon Voight, Sissy Spacek, and Robert Duvall should be ashamed of themselves.

Dane D (it) wrote: Don't expect any acting, there is talking and speaking, but no acting. It's more of a documentary film since it's based on a true story rather than a murder/horror movie. There are almost zero special effects making the movie extremely dull and hardly watchable. Not recommended for anyone - True low budget crap

Uluc Y (br) wrote: Better than it is rated for. Some nice background music. Some nice jokes. Some sadness. And beautiful La Fortuna that makes everyone wish they lived there, at least for a while.

Peter P (br) wrote: Considerably less exciting than "Raise the Mary Rose"...

Spookie M (it) wrote: This is a rad fairly obscure spaghetti western that deserves to be discovered. Funny and violent. Blue Underground dvd did a good job restoring it.

Kyle M (es) wrote: It's one of those films where the performances are what the first half setting things up to show the film's heart in the second that makes the film better to enjoy. Also in this particular film during its second half, the representation of the film's heart is found out in one of the characters you least expect to represent. The character I'm talking about is Diaz's.Diaz performed really well throughout the film. Her character starts out as a greedy, alcoholic bachelorette and an uncontrollable younger sister of Collette's character during the first half. Then by the time her character improves herself, the film does as well. So therefore, Diaz's character represents the heart of the film.The film goes through on the relationships of two sisters trying to get along and helping each other out, and a grandmother they never knew about. You can find a good heart from this to make this film enjoyably likable with the comedy part of its branded dramedy genre appears when it's good timing like cheering few spirits up. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Shantel D (ag) wrote: Meh. I watched because it's a horror must-see, but I'm not really sure why. it's good, but not classic. The effects are pretty great, but the acting is so awful it's distracting. I also don't really get why people freak about Linnea Quigley over Kinkade... oh, right, boobs.

Noname (au) wrote: A comedy movie but its not many fun scenes actually. Its about Roger (from Napoleon Dynamite) and hes kinda a looser and nothing work out for him. So he begin in a school where he teachs/learns to be a better man and dare more in his life. Billy Bob Thorton plays the tricky teacher and we see a small role with Ben Stiller aswell. Overall a decent movie but not as funny i thought it should be.

Mark O (ca) wrote: Pretty good. I prefer Braff's Garden State though.

Mad M (nl) wrote: Despite a bland story-line, the cast turns makes it worth watching. Stallone really impresses outside of his usual tough guy role. The pace is decent and there is some suspense.The talent in this film is ridiculous, it's the who's who of gangster/cop dramas. The story isn't anything new.