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Sarhad torrent reviews

Pascal M (mx) wrote: Tres bon jeu d'acteurs (Dupontel, Dujardin) mais scenar un peu trop centr (C) sur l'id (C)e principale du film: le cancer est un 'salaud' et il vient me chercher (au sens propre)...A voir quand mme...

danny d (kr) wrote: this is a decent holiday movie. the looney tunes give their version of a christmas carol with a few zaney alterations to the story. much weaker than other cartoon remakes of this story like mickeys christmas carol and muppets christmas carol but definitely worth spending 45 minutes each year to watch with the family.

Mathias H (it) wrote: Bouht this because of Kristen Bell and Nectar Rose. Like the premise but not the excecution. You can make great films on a zero budget but this is not it. A bigger budget remake with a more Hithcockian feel woul be great though.

Adam R (br) wrote: Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning are cute together, but this was a lot heavier than I expected. The ending was very cheesy too, but otherwise it's not bad movie. (First and only viewing - 7/6/2015)

John M (kr) wrote: Brutal and ugly, but I wouldn't want child abuse made to look purty. I was surprised at how Bone resents her mother as much as her abuser, because her mother should have protected her. Still, all is not perfectly grim in southern families, as Bone gets most of her support from her extended family. The best performances are Malone, carrying the whole film on her little shoulders, but Eldard is great as the monstrous manchild stepdad. Some of the screenwriting makes little to no sense and the little scene-lets in the first twenty minutes are awkward and perfunctory. Anjelica Huston doesn't exactly shine as a director her first time out, but maybe her gift was in getting the right performance out of what is a large and capable cast.

Allan M (ag) wrote: good cheese. one for the big kids

Sid B (fr) wrote: Awesome movie.. It's GOOD!!!

Nikola L (br) wrote: This is an important movie.It's view on the war is realistic and brutal.

Rick C (it) wrote: One of the best things ever made. Never gets old and I must have seen it 20+ times.

Drew M (it) wrote: I totally LOVE this film!! Delicious and intense. One of the greatest Hitchcock endings ever!!

Mark D (kr) wrote: Quite slow but watchable. He lacks his fathers touch though.

Lady of the Minnesota Mounts (kr) wrote: A very interesting, informative story. However, I wouldn't watch it again.

Kaitie D (ru) wrote: Stupid, silly, and sweet, I know this film has generally terrible reviews but I found it cute and endearing. Anna Faris was ok and somewhat less grating than I often find her. Chris Evans was adorable and the constant state of undress he was in didn't hurt matters. If you don't expect anything other than fluff, it's the same ol' romantic comedy formula, but still an enjoyable movie for what it is.