Sarkar Raj

Sarkar Raj

The politically influential Shankar Nagre agrees to back a power plant scheme presented by corporate hotshot Anita Rajan; providing their enemies, which include upcoming political firebrands, an embezzling facilitator and shady businessmen with a unique opportunity to destroy the mass political clout enjoyed by him and his father (Subhash Nagre), the political icon known as "Sarkar".

When Anita Rajan, CEO of Sheppard power plant, an international Company, brings a power plant proposal to set up in rural Maharashtra before the Nagres, insightful Shankar is quick to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberly Y (ag) wrote: Another great flick from Ed Burns. Destined to become a classic. Dark, authentic, & funny at once. Go see this film.

Michelle K (es) wrote: It was pretty good, but I agree with some of the "official" film critics in that it felt incomplete. Following some of the critical action near the end of the film, I found myself wanting to know more about some of the ancillary characters and events that are never fully depicted or even introduced, but that seem to lend a great deal to the plot and to the central murder mystery. I loved the socio-political aspects of the film, however--a side plot of a young boy needing surgery to heal a chronic illness illustrates why the U.S. so desperately needs universal healthcare, if only its rural residents would stop voting for Republicans, for the love of Hashem. OK, not to get too political, but another flaw I saw in the script was the introduction of too many layers in an effort to enhance the complexity of the murder mystery. Again, not enough substance to fully flesh out these layers before the film ended, and I found myself wanting to see and learn more. Could've been longer than the 98 minutes to accomplish this, but overall, a well-acted and -directed movie, and a worthy effort.

Takee A (au) wrote: "Rio" was a very enjoyable movie, with a fairly interesting plot, amazing screenplay & some awesome animations. I also liked the fact that not one, but all of the songs were very catchy, which is an interesting factor to consider.Carlos Saldanha did a brilliant job in directing this film, and for that reason, I enjoyed this movie almost as much as I enjoyed it when I saw it as a kid.

James R (mx) wrote: Very cool movie--unique multiple storylines--you never know what's going to happen next! And some great lines that will sure to be classics: "Zombies... combine..... zombine!" LOL

JY S (fr) wrote: Seven Swords has Tsui Hark conjure up 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 swords.Lengthy can be used to describe the story. There's a lot of characters to go around and while sporting a decent pace early, there are moments later on when it slows down. By the time the end credits roll, 2 and a half hours have passed. With that said, there is enough material to fill the time; just not enough of the right material.The action is highly stylized with unique weapons across the board; however, the lack of emphasis on the swords is a letdown and the editing during the martial arts segments has room for improvement.The cast needs no introduction. Some characters have great buildup, while others are, unfortunately, left in the dust. Donnie Yen and Leon Lai are a bit stale. On the other hand, Honglei Sun and Jingchu Zhang have emotion.Seven Swords has the potential to be much more, but it is good for what it is.

Bum D (ca) wrote: Cold...and way too real for a _[genre characterization omitted]_ . If you know what this movie is all about, you'll probably see it all coming, and that'll probably ruin it for you...but if you're just sitting alone in your nice quiet home with HBO playing in the background, and you just got rid of some crazy chick who was riding you way too hard, and this movie comes will slowly suck you in, and before you know what you got yourself into, you'll be left with no escape. It'll be over when she says it's over.

Nathan F (au) wrote: One of the few movies that gets it right- hope is only possible in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

irene c (mx) wrote: ok, this could had been a good movie but to tell you the truth the only good thing about this movie was the music. it is an italian film but isntead of leaving it with its native language and just putting english subtitles on it, the film is budded in english. and like the old japanese movies, the people stop talking but the lips are still moving. this film is soft porn. at its best. so please no kids in the room for this one. the story is about lola who is to marry the bakery son, but the son want to wait for them to get married before deflowering lola. but lola tries all her ways possibly for it to happen before the wedding. this movie is lamed, bad written and be your own judge wherether it is worth the rental or not.

Jack P (ru) wrote: The second in the series with the ghost face killer returning for another killing spree. Like the first instalment we have ourselves questioning who the killer could be from the get go. Another great storyline without feeling too samey, scream 2 is another entertaining teen slasher to satisfy fans who were left wanting more after the first film.

John W (fr) wrote: In which Madeline Stowe lays waste to an unsuspecting Ed Harris. The film is plagued by trite dialogue and ham-handed direction. But there is a real spark between Harris and Stowe that sustains interest.

Michael T (kr) wrote: One of the worst of the early 90's movies. So bad that an avid fan of Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd will give this a thumbs down. It has the potential for "so bad, it's good" if you're that kind of viewer, but this is certainly not a movie you watch for its production values, plot, writing, or artistry.

Michael Y (gb) wrote: A remake of the Neil Simon classic, The Out-of-Towners is a slapstick comedic hit because Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn work so well together. Henry and Nancy Clark just said goodbye to their son on a trip to Europe and they finally have alone time, which would sound great, but not for these two. Henry has a job interview in New York so the two go together. But their little vacation becomes a night of misfortune with hilarious consequences. The only thing lacking in this movie is originality. Its slapstick approach in replace of the original material isn't the most ingenious approach, but it is an entertaining approach. This isn't a bad remake to be frank. It has tones of laughs, and all because of the great chemestry between Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn, and not to mention the master of comedy himself, John Cleese. The directing isn't all that bad either. Sam Weisman does a good job at capturing the comedic moments, not being too wild or too suttle. The pacing of the movie is quite entertaining and captures the rom-com mood of senarios quite well. The capture of New York is well played, taking us down streets, fancy 4 star hotels and Central Park. The shooting locations are well filmed, the sets look good and the cinematography is better than what you'ld expect. And the directing of the physical comedy is good for a laugh. Full of unexpected and hilarious events, The Out-of Towners is a pretty great remake, very entertaining and with a great cast. It might not be an original, but it is a sure thing for a good comedy and a good time.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: So schlocky and ridiculous, but quite a bit of midnight movie fun. Good drinking movie.

Marc F (kr) wrote: slow burn with great acting....

Alfin N (mx) wrote: An entertainment that doesn't entertain.