A leading industrialists's daughter, Saroja, is kidnapped and ransom of 10 crores is demanded. Assistant Commissioner of Police tries to catch the kidnappers. In parallel, a group of four friends in Chennai leave for Hyderabad to watch India-Pakistan cricket match. Due to an accident enroute they try to take a detour to reach Hyderabad through a forest. They end up in the den of the gang that has kidnapped Saroja. The story is about how they rescue the girl.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Telugu,Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Saroja 2008 full movies, Saroja torrents movie

Four friends, Jaga, Ganesh, Ajay and Vishwas are motoring to a cricket game. An accident leads them to divert on a side road, where they encounter a criminal gang that has kidnapped a young girl and shot a policeman - in front of them.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saroja torrent reviews

Nilufer R (ca) wrote: It was meant to be a powerful mix of fantasy and crime-thriller / mystery however even though those parts are separately good, they aren't combined well together. Good acting, interesting plot though.

Simon S (ag) wrote: This is a really really special movie, it happily makes me laugh like a little kid over and over again

Chris K (gb) wrote: To my shock... I actually enjoyed this movie. Always been a Kilmer fan, simple yet effect characters with a simple thrilling story. Ain't gonna blow your mind but will take you for a ride. Enjoy.

Nived N (nl) wrote: Baabul is nothing but a new wine kept in old bottle. Rani Mukherjee looses her husband Salman Khan in a road accident leaving her heart-broken. So to bring happiness in her life, her father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan decides her re-marriage with her last longing best friend John Abraham. But for that he faces opposition from his entire family including his wife Hema Malini due to their conservative life-style. Ravi Chopra's directorial vehicle has a noble idea but sadly it is constructed with outdated screenplay sharing resemblence with Raj Kapoor's ''PREM ROG'' having similar widow re-marriage track. the basic problem of this film is that the decision is taken by Amitabh Bachchan and John Abraham, here they doesn't ask Rani what's her opinion on it? Is she ready to rebuild her life?. She has just now lost her husband, can't they give time to her to forget the memories of her deceased husband, she really needs time to overcome the trauma...................Should always men decide what a women should do and not do? these are the factors which makes the film a tiresome and embarrasing watch. AMITABH BACHCHAN, RANI MUKHERJEE & JOHN ABRAHAM are wasted in a thankless roles which fails to justify the talent. When such social relevant films arrive, u expect some novelty in it. Unfortunately, this film lacks novelty. BAABUL is noble-failure. Disappointing!!!!

Tsubaki S (it) wrote: What was the point of this movie is beyond me, sure, Tsukamoto is once more exploring the human mind and body. What he was trying to say with this movie? I have no idea, i can barely remember seeing it. I must be missing something, but even if the movie has a good point about...anything at all, it feels cold and distant regarding the subject.

Freeman M (mx) wrote: It should have been awful. Instead, it's merely mediocre and, as a consequence, not a whole lot of fun.

Jennifer E (us) wrote: Sweet movie. We watched it on a rainy Saturday. Looks like it was a made for tv movie but that didn't seem to take away from it. Feel good movie.

Lisa S (nl) wrote: This movie is strange, they speak both their own language and English, which is interspersed with theirs, it was hard to listen to. Plus, the story is boring and predictable. On top of that the actors are bad. I didn't find anything enjoyable about this movie, I couldn't even watch it all, it was getting on my nerves. Some people have called this a teen classic, but I can't see why. I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie.

Zoran S (es) wrote: Solid Western with great performances, especially by Tracy and Widmark. Dmytryk's direction is amazing,

David S (mx) wrote: Romantic drama in which WWII Robert Taylor remembers a doomed love from WWI. Very well-acted by Leigh.

Linda R (kr) wrote: This film is much better than what the critics reported.