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An ambitious minister (Nambiar) with designs to topple the puppet king (Pulimoottai Ramaswami) finds the popularity of the commander-in-chief (Nagaiah) and his favourite soldier (MGR) a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (de) wrote: Lost in the earth, found on the moon.This is a 2010 Russian film, but now it released in the English language. A 3D animation about the moon mission, but involves the human pets in the main parts. In the 60s, when the Soviet Union and the US competed in the space programme, a dog name Pushok from White House and two other dogs from Moscow set to meet on the moon, followed by to find mysterious events. Finding a solution for it and returning back to earth is what this film is about.First of all, this film is for little kids. The teenagers and the grownups would find it stupid, at least some of the parts. But they are not the target audience, so I feel sorry for rating it low. This is around 70 minutes long, that mean short and fast. The animation was okay kind, and so the story. Definitely not anywhere close to Hollywood or the rest of the European animation, but overall an acceptable flick. So I recommend it particularly for the below 9 kids.5/10

Teryl O (gb) wrote: I don't say this often but that was not a good movie! 'Death and Cremation' had an interesting plot but lacks good acting It wasn't the actors faults though. It was the script it was well worded in places but didn't have a clear description of movement through and setting a scene right. It's a pity because giving the interesting nature of the movie it could have been so much more. Jeremy Sumpter has grown up though wow. He went from Peter Pan to a very difficult role in this movie. If you like interesting head screw movies this is a good one just don't be to disappointed with the bad acting, A hint for you well at the end of the movie you are left with a confused look on your face and mouthing WTF.........

L Lourdes P (br) wrote: One of those films that stay in your mind way after the film has ended. Peculiar and odd but engaging.

Eduardo L (es) wrote: 8.3/10. 8-20-2016.Original rating: 10-6-2010 (8/10)."Surprisingly original, refreshingly offbeat but charming romantic comedy (that's actually funny btw), although the narrator claims it isn't a love story in the first 5 minutes."

chris a (kr) wrote: never saw the TV show but knowing how absolutely bonkers Steve Coogan is, had to give this a try. And my does it work. Gut burstingly funny with an amazing cast gives this film a bloody good time with enough wit, action, and jokes to keep it going to the end.

Lucas N (ca) wrote: Through all of the sweet performances in this movie, none shine through more than Simmons' role as the loving father and I have to note that Rainn Wilson's brief cameo was a highlight of the movie. It's lovable and even in the bleakest moments feels honest.

Jordan S (jp) wrote: Ending is utterly bullcrap.....

Charlie G (ru) wrote: This was funny. Ridiculous in places. Nice story.

Filipe C (ru) wrote: Hanks debut is much like the actor himself: safe, reliable and innocently charming.

bill s (gb) wrote: Dead and nailed shut in the coffin.

Sam M (mx) wrote: Seriously, avoid at all costs! No where near as good as the first 2. Peter Weller was smart not reprising his role as Robocop for this very BORING flick that's worthy of being mocked by the MST3K crew. 0 out'ta 10 stars.

Richard D (de) wrote: It has its moments. This one is more of a horror film than an action film which is good. The setting is a little different, being on a prison planet with no way to escape and an alien on the loose. The supporting characters are hit and miss. Most of them are crazed prisoners with no backstory, but they have done what they can to turn their lives around in a pseudo religion. The alien itself has gained some kind of a new ability, but it's not explained at all, mostly because they're too busy running away from it. The directing gets a little crazy with the extreme angels and the CGI Alien effects look terrible. Not the best in the series, but still worth while.

Joanne T (nl) wrote: all of them brilliant

Ihra L (us) wrote: Dette er den eneste norske filmen du behver se! Neida... Men den er underholdende, lrerik, morsom og, tr jeg si, viktig? Disse guttene tullet ikke rundt. Jo, de tullet litt rundt med haier.

Rob C (br) wrote: If you're a Rooster Teeth fan, Lazer Team is a must see. There are loads of references and such that just make the movie that much more fun. The core story is nothing we haven't seen, but there's something about that Rooster Teeth charm that makes it feel just a little more fresh. However, non-RT viewers may have a tougher time getting behind this one. Some of it gets a little stale, and it has it's fair share of flaws, but even if you don't watch RT, there is still fun to be had. It is by no means a great film, but hopefully it's sequel will fix what this one did wrong. Being a Rooster Teeth fan, I give it 4 stars, but if I wasn't familiar with them, I'd give it 3.