Sassy Player

Sassy Player

A girl school in town plans to found male football team, so it's the first year that the school allows boys to enroll. But, there are only 16 boys who come for the admission and 7 of them turn out to be transsexual. Anyway, as the big final match is going to start soon, the boys are the only hope to reach for the champion. They're put into a tough, and unusual training by former professional football players, and teacher Tukky, a domestic science teacher turns to football coach. This is a great opportunity for the boys to prove their spirit and potentiality.

A girl's school in town plans to find a male football team, so it's the first year that the school allows boys to enroll. But, there are only 16 boys who come for the admission and 7 of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derrick C (nl) wrote: Good movie, very funny

Aaron W (es) wrote: Really fuckin terrible. I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival and can honestly say that it was one of the worst films I've seen there or anywhere else for that matter. Even with it's short runtime of only about an hour, people were still walking out to the point that the director of the film decided to be "unavailable for a Q&A" afterword. The funny thing is that I understand what this was trying to be, and I've in the past liked films with this sort of pacing and style. This one just failed completely at being the least bit interesting.

Urmi C (ag) wrote: okay songs, average movie, not Aish best.. nope...

Mark K (ru) wrote: The actors made me love this one. Paul & Jessica made it awesome!

Samir G (ag) wrote: A story about teens in a war torn city trying to go about their lives as if the war around them is nothing but a background scene in a painting. Only later does it down on them that the background has rushed forward, and threatens to take from them the spotlight, to overshadow their lives in ways they (and us, the audience) will never forget. A powerfully under-toned movie with a simple message, and a simple delivery that is simply outstanding.

David L (kr) wrote: Very talk-intensive in the first 45 minutes or so, which equates to a little more than half of the entire film, unfortunately. "Da Hump" is displayed here in full sour-puss, one-note glory, his break out role in fact. Also most likely the role where he was established as the go-to actor when you need a grumpy middle-aged guy who doesn't require much acting range and has a flashy screen-name. In some scenes his arms appear to be stuck in a bent position which we later realized must have been a bizarre attempt on Da Hump's part to toughen his persona. However, most will just have the same reaction I did, asking themselves "why are his arms bent like that? Does his character wear a prosthesis on both sides of his torso? How sad! Oh wait! I think I saw one move a little!!" Betty Davis is her usual "pretty good for a 1930's actress" self here, nothing too memorable aside from her usual bug-eyes. All in all, worth seeing so you too can wonder how this firmly mediocre film became the breakout vehicle for a mostly unknown Humphrey Bogart to go headlong into a career of mild mannered yet angry, all the while robotic, leading man roles.

Connor G (fr) wrote: It doesn't carry nearly the weight I'm sure it did in its day, and it felt so damn hammy, it was not enjoyable to watch.

Susan D (ag) wrote: Just saw this movie tonight!!! I liked Suing the Devil. I liked all of the people and all of the situations, except Satan of course.