Satan's Schoolgirls

Satan's Schoolgirls

Parochial school takes a dark and lusty turn for Father Thomas (J. Scott Green), a well-meaning Sunday school teacher who embarks on what he believes will be a quiet summer assignment at a rural academy for girls. It's hard enough for the Father to deal with four sex-hungry students let alone the school's devilish secret.

When seemingly well-intentioned Father Thomas signs on for a quiet summer school session at a rustic school for girls in the country, he gets more than he bargained for. Once inside, Father... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren G (nl) wrote: Sad as it may seem, films based on procedural cop rules lack any form of entertainment.This movie is no different.The leads attempt to drag it up but constantly fail and leave the viewer with a feeling of Iv'e seen this type of outlay so many times before. All in all. Fairly boring. Cusack and especially Cage were unconvincing.

Harry T (br) wrote: Seen this one when it was shown over at GV Tampines quite sometime back. Nice.. and quite sentimental. Bunch of great acting from the kids.. they are so adorable.

Jennie R (us) wrote: This was a pretty good movie. Very creepy and kept you guessing as to what was really going on and hints that things are not as they seem (which they are not). I liked the intricately weaved storyline/characters and the darkness of this mansion they have moved into. This is a movie that will draw you in and keep you there until the end. I gave this three stars bc while I liked this movie it wasn't enough to make me want to watch it again. There was a bit of a Lifetime movie feel to it.

Fong K (mx) wrote: OSAMAviewed on 21/7/04 (Wed)After the show, a womn behind me commented on the film," So depressing!" She meant it not really as a compliment. My sentiments exactly. It is too depressing to watch. It reveals shocking fact that women in the Taliban era are treated in the most possibly worst way and all in the name of respect for women?! The title character has to disguise as boy, later named Osama, so that she can work and earn money for her family. You see, women in the Taliban era cannot be seen without a male escorting. In short if there is no men in the house, which is the case in the story, you cannot step out of your house even if it means starving to death. The girl's true identity is eventually exposed and she will be stoned to death. There is even a sequence to demonstrate that. The accused will be wrapped from head to toe and pushed into a hole. Men will then walk up to her and throw stones at her until she dies. An old man 'saves' her by volunteering to marry her. Upon reaching his home, it is shown that he already has many wives, all with their children locked up in rooms. As the wives start to prepare the girl for the marriage, they take turns to tell her, all crying their hearts out, how they are forced into marrying the old man. There is also a scene, the old man shows her a string of locks and asks her to choose which one to lock her up. She cries and the old man thinking she is not happy with the collection, takes out his favourite lock - a beautiful gigantic lock.The feeling I had was like watching a horror movie. Totally disgusted. The wails of the girl make you feel even more uneasy and depressed. Rating: B+Expected Rating: A-

Fernando C (nl) wrote: Not perfect but it presents Spike Lee doing what he does best: stories based around Brooklyn.

John D (us) wrote: Average Elvis fare, notable for a duet about yoga with Elsa Lanchester.

Allen G (gb) wrote: Use you chapter search function to skip the plot, which is strictly dulls-ville, and head to the musical numbers, which are top-notch.

Petros T (de) wrote: One of a kind: a suspenseful thriller with French finesse, thanks to a gorgeously photographed succession of excellent, violent action and charming, peaceful scenes depicting the gradually built relationship of the characters. Often Mathilda doesn't sound like 12 but Portman manages to pull it off admirably. The resolution is very well-thought and the finale, brimming with tension, emerges as truly moving yet not melodramatic. Without noticing 2 hours flew and you grew really close to those two.