Satan's Whip

Satan's Whip

There exists a religious brotherhood dedicated to battling the forces of evil. Claude wants nothing more than to join this order.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   wig,   dream,  

There exists a religious brotherhood dedicated to battling the forces of evil. Claude wants nothing more than to join this order. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (es) wrote: The Ledge is uneven but interesting enough. The film's atheism is a bit unfair and embarrassing. Hard to be a fan of the lead actor's performance (was very casual), however Terrence Howard and Liv Tyler play their parts well and make the film more serious than it otherwise would be.

Florence (it) wrote: Servet (Ercan Kesal), um homem de negcios na Turquia, canditato eleio local, dirige sozinho em uma estrada deserta. noite, ele est com sono, e em consequncia disso, atropela acidental e mortalmente um desconhecido. Ele decide fugir, mas a placa do seu carro anotada por uma testemunha. Para prevenir um escndalo, decide dizer que foi o seu motorista Eyup (Yavuz Bingol) quem conduzia o carro naquele instante e prope ao seu funcionrio confessar o crime em troca de uma quantia vultosa em dinheiro. O motorista aceita e condenado a 8 meses de priso. Na sua ausncia, a sua mulher envolve-se amorosamente com o empresrio.

Shamre A (us) wrote: I understand why there are so many bad reviews on this movie.. it's because it pissed people off when they see movies that express the extinction of human triumph. in this film, there is honestly no way out. I liked this movie alot because it was a unique story and it truly made me want to watch the movie until the sad end.

Sandra O (ru) wrote: Um filme alm de qualquer expectativa. Bem feito, dirigido e interpretado, a histria de quatro soldados refns das tropas japonesas durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial no s mais um filme de guerra. um trabalho genial e sensvel, triste e real acerca dos limites e incompreenso humana. Dando um sopro de esperana na vida dos soldados, a criao da Universidade da Selva, dentro do campo dos prisioneiros, levando-os ao contato com livros, Shakespeare e a Bblia torna-os mais humanos, tolerantes e capazes de acreditar no belo em meio ao terro e caos. Belssimo filme!

Keona C (es) wrote: waymon is so nerdy & his girlfriend is mad stuckup. i dont know what he ever saw in her!

Jonathan K (it) wrote: best move ta watch. with or with out friends

Megan H (jp) wrote: More Dean and Jerry in uniforms, it can't get much better ;)

Michael M (gb) wrote: This has to be one of the most charming Christmas movies ever. It's not really a great movie per se, it's got a lot of family movie clichs and the plot is really pretty basic, but that's kind of part of the charm. It's simple, but it's sweet. Also Will Ferrell absolutely brings it to this role. His character is sweet, charismatic, adorably naiive, and infectiously likable. Without Ferrell, I think the movie would have been fine, but with him it becomes a Christmas classic. I've watched this almost every Christmas since it came out, and while it doesn't make me laugh quite like it used to, I still get a lot of chuckles and the heart of the film makes it so I never get sick of it.

Cid O (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this movie more than many people did.

Brian C (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this slasher type movie. Pretty decent story although some very sad scenes...namely the little deaf boy that gets killed by the dog.While the evil twin sister's motives and goals are pretty well defined, the true protagonist is left unexplained. We know who the person is, but not why certain actions are performed.Very well acted overall, and very moody.